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Phew! What a busy last few days, especially yesterday getting my first newsletter sent out and launching the blog. Big thanks to all of my friends that sent emails, tweets and posted comments on my FB last night and today. It’s scary starting something new and really putting myself out there – having your love and support is incredible.

Gratitude is a big part of my life. For years I have written gratitude lists as a way to plug into the present moment, pull myself out of pity, and connect with others. It has been such a powerful exercise and it’s really only in the last couple of years that I have taken an interest in researching gratitude and learning how other people practice it in their lives. While I am not ready to share my findings yet, I will say that the more I see what is out there the more inspired I am to continue making gratitude a part of my daily life.

Each morning I write a few things down I am grateful for after my meditation and that helps set the tone for the day. ¬†Lately I have been dealing with an absurd amount of noise from my upstairs neighbor and have had difficulty falling asleep. I’ve gone up to knock on his door during the day to talk to him about it but he is never around. I feel weird going up there at 11pm when he is home so I’m thinking I’ll just write him a note tomorrow and leave it on the door – folded of course so nobody can see. I get the walls are super thin, I would just like a little more quiet after 10pm ;)

Anyway, totally got sidetracked! The point is since I have been having difficulty falling asleep I have been doing some asana practice and coming up with a gratitude list in my head to help me relax. My roommate reminded me the other day of the gratitude A-Z list and I was glad she did. I used to do that years ago and enjoyed it. Now when I lie awake at night I go through the alphabet and think of what I am grateful for. It’s such a great meditation and a beautiful way to fall asleep.

I am not quite in bed as I still have a few things to do. I am making my first batch of raw hemp granola – I’ll be sure to post pics and the recipe if it turns out. I’ll probably have to make it a few times before I post the recipe though ;) I thought while I wait for seeds to drain I could type out tonights gratitude A-Z. If you haven’t ever tried this I encourage you to do so. Let me know how it goes ;)

Before my list I want to share a bit of writing with you that I have taped to my wall. It resonated with me in a profound way when I read it for the first time. I hope I can one day be so articulate when it comes to writing about gratitude.

…”if you are not yet someone who on a daily basis practices gratitude, like an unending prayer of background music for your life, I invite you to consider the possibility of doing so, beginning now. Come to the higher room. Gratitude requires responsibility. See and begin to own your valuable contributions and talents. Acknowledge the people in your life: those you love and those you may not love. In a true sense, they are all the same. They are your teachers. Be grateful for them. While doing so, realize how powerful you are, how moving your life is, and to what extent you are blessed in just being here.¬†

And the watch what happens.”

-James Eubanks


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