a year well lived

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope all is well. I am still nursing this sickness, haven’t left the house much since Friday. I am actually feeling like I am on the mend but my voice is still no place to be found! I woke up this morning and made myself a warming medicinal mushroom tonic that has definitely carried me until right now. Mushrooms are so powerful! People always talk about the rush they get with coffee and while mushrooms don’t give me a rush, they bring me into a heightened state of awareness and calm that is pretty rad.

Since I’ve spent so much time at home recently I have had a lot of time to reflect on 2012 as a whole and it’s been nothing short of an amazing year. Because the last 1.5-2 months have been rough on many levels I have a tendency to color the entire year with this melancholy filter but when I take a few steps back and see the bigger picture of the entire 12 months, it’s for sure been a year well lived. So often we get caught up in wanting things to go well and feel good and not take into account that it doesn’t necessarily make for a great year or mean we have lived up to our potential.

The mark of a year well lived is one that includes taking a ton of risks – willingness to grow beyond who we currently are and think we should be. If you haven’t taken enough risks this year you will know it and I would encourage you to ponder that as we enter this new year and set intentions to do so for yourself. Something I have been reflecting on a great deal is that our lives are our responsibility. To the extent that we are willing to push ourselves and open are hearts to the unknown we are given so much more than we could have ever anticipated. The universe is not inherently bad, neither are people. There is enough light and love to go around if we do the work of changing our negative story telling and actually practice living in true abundance.

When I look back on this year I see all the ways in which I challenged myself and stepped outside of my comfort zone. I moved to a new city, started a new career path, became a certified yoga teacher, got into a relationship for the first time in nearly four years, shared myself with others, worked with amazing spiritual advisors, forgave myself for mistakes I made, took charge of my health and got off synthetic hormones, spoke up more for myself than I ever have in previous years, the list goes on and on. This year was very difficult on many levels but so what, every pain and hard moment I felt was completely worth it. I feel more alive and ready to step into the new year than I can ever remember feeling in the past.

It is important to take inventory of our year so we can remember all that happened. Too often we are all caught up in the holiday craziness that we don’t take the time to be still with ourselves and get clear on where we want to go in the upcoming year. If you have felt stressed and rushed this time of year (don’t beat yourself up it is totally normal!), consider setting aside some time today or tomorrow to be still and reflect. Maybe take our your journal and jot down some of your reflections. Maybe go for a walk to clear your mind. Whatever route you choose, jump in with both feet. You are in charge of your destiny and happiness so work for it like your life depends on it, because it does.

For the rest of the day I am going to do little things around the house and meditate on what worked well for me this year and what areas of my life still need some help. I am also going to write out a list of what I am totally willing to let go of for an end of the year release ceremony tomorrow. Join me in this reflection and letting go period so that we can clear our blockages and have a clean slate on which to set our intentions tomorrow night.


More soon.



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