be gentle

What a slow day! It’s nearly 2pm and I haven’t completed all of the work I wanted to today. The cruise really wiped me out last week and I have had to take lots of extra time to rest. I found myself getting annoyed with how exhausted I am earlier and I had a few moments where I started to say not such nice things to myself. Thankfully I caught it early and stopped. I took several long, deep breaths and decided to give myself a break.

I spent some time yesterday looking for an apartment in LA and I saw how much stress it caused me. Thinking about moving makes me want to curl up into a ball and go to sleep! I know I created this situation and all of the decisions to move and travel were mine, it’s just difficult right now. My mantra for the day and for the rest of this week is to be gentle with myself. It is important for me to do lots of relaxing activities and take as many naps as I need to so that I can start to build up my strength and energy for all the tasks that are in front of me over the next 5 or so months.

Many people have written saying how much they got from my daily self-love posts and that makes me very happy. While I don’t want to post those right now as I have too much going on the next few weeks I do plan to start that up again and have it be a regular feature on my blog. Stay tuned! In the mean time I have a couple of food and health related articles to post this week as well as easy ways to take care of yourself while traveling – this is a big one for me with all of the traveling I do!

I encourage you to think about areas in your life where you could loosen a bit and be more gentle with yourself. I can sometimes be harsh and push myself too far instead of settling into what is actually happening and bringing some tenderness into my life. I have to remind myself there isn’t anywhere I am trying to “get to” and that it is totally ok if I don’t cross everything off of my to do list today – it will all still be there tomorrow! And this mantra works for any situation whether it be around food, relationships, work, be gentle. There is no point in being rigid, I need to go with the flow and take the time to appreciate the moments and savor the sweetness that gentleness brings into focus.

Let’s all try and be gentle with ourselves for the rest of the week and see where it takes us.



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