Friday Feels 18

Friday Feels 18 x Ashley Neese

Revisiting these teachings on community by one of my favorite activists.

A heartfelt mention by one of my dearest clients.

Healthy, delicious eats at this new Silver Lake restaurant.

Dosing myself with holy basil on the hour to support my adrenals.

Just two spots left in my summer solstice breathwork retreat!

The cutest little town north of San Francisco.

Best Drake cover ever.

Gearing up for a beautiful event with The Chalkboard Mag + Sakara Life.

Astrology for the soul.

The true hard work of love and relationships.

Educating myself about investments and how to build wealth.

An epic organic market in Mill Valley, CA.







Gratitude List 27

Gratitude List 27 x Ashley Neese

Clear skies.
Greetings from red tailed hawks.
Slowing way down.
Writing my mother a letter.
Being gentle with myself.
Holy basil.
A deeper settling.
Vivid dreams.
The messages in songs.
A felt sense of what it means to discharge old energy.
Creating new pathways.
Setting aside outdated ideas and beliefs about myself.
Allowing all of the feelings and experiences to sit at the table together.
Making more room for trust.
Doing less, feeling more.
A powerful reminder that I am here to keep healing myself.
Softening into each exhale.
Affirmations that I do not need to hustle for anything, all is coming and my only real job is to take care of myself in this moment.
The vastness of this watery full moon.
Praying to compost what is no longer useful so that I may lay a new foundation for growth.
Holding space for myself.

All my heart.


Gratitude List 26

Gratitude List 25 x Ashley Neese

The wind in my hair.
A view of the water.
Roses in the front yard.
Two incredibly inspiring and expanding conversations.
Acceptance of what feels shaky.
Leaning in even more.
Opportunities to drop into the well and share the treasures I find.
The book that is writing itself.
A cat that knows how to live between worlds.
Reminders everywhere.
Sticking up for myself.
Disengaging with anyone who isn’t on a frequency that resonates with mine.
Not apologizing for taking up space.
Coming clean about what I’ve been hanging on to.
Bringing attention to the part of me that still wants someone to swoop in and make things okay.
Loving that part of myself and settling into the truth that today, in this moment, at this curve in the cycle I am resourced and capable of meeting my own needs.
Riding the giant waves of uncertainty.
A really good title for my book.
Being my own teacher.
Not following anyone else’s lead.
Aiming high and aiming true.



Gratitude List 25

Gratitude List 25 x Ashley Neese

California redwoods.
Two hour naps.
Sleeping in a small town with no cell reception.
Bare feet on coastal grass.
Full bellied hawks.
Looking over the hills for miles and not seeing another person.
Listening to the stories my body wants to tell.
Feeling the inner conflict, the aspect that wants healing and the aspect that doesn’t quite trust.
Recognizing that my desire to heal is stronger than my fear of everything falling apart if I do this deeper work.
Laying a new foundation.
A partner who envisions a bigger life for himself and for us.
The feeling that even in the midst of such immense pain and heartache we have choices and that in many ways our life together is just beginning.
Clarity around the kind of regulation my nervous system needs.
Asking for help.
Being shown a way through.
A calling that has nothing to do with saving the world and everything to do with saving myself.
An0ther chapter.
Another way through.
A story that longs to be midwifed.
A willingness to be the one who goes all the way.


Gratitude List 24

Gratitude List 24 x Ashley Neese

Fresh air.
Ocean views.
A hidden community labyrinth.
Deep belly laughs.
Seeing the bigger picture.
Ride or die friends who consistently show up and are doing their work in this life.
Allowing myself to feel the ways that I wasn’t supported when I was younger and receiving the love that is abundant in the present.
Daily forgiveness.
Life force.
The unexplainable urge to keep growing and expanding.
Feeling less and less afraid of confrontation and more excited about being clear af.
Setting boundaries like a tender warrior.
Embracing masculine energy.
Conversations that are changing the landscape of what it means to heal relationally and how to stay grounded when we’re on the front lines.
Canyon sunsets.
Spring blooms.
This body that has seen me through so much and wanting nothing but to protect me and keep me safe.
Creating space for shedding another layer.
Fuller breath.
Cover songs that are better than the original.
Kindred spirits.