Friday Feels 16

Friday Feels 16 x Ashley Neese

This week has been so full on.

Hanging tight to this mineral through the ups and downs of transition.

I cannot believe GIRLS is almost over!

Big Sur camping dreams.

The weekly face treatment that makes me glow.

Stirring magic in to my daily bone broth.

Volunteering here in Alameda with my cousin today.

Revisiting lovingkindness practices to keep my heart open.

Delicious AIP, organic, paleo, all the things cafe in Berkeley.

Spring breathwork class in L.A. next Thursday!


Photo x Lani Trock


Summer Solstice Breathwork Retreat

Summer Solstice Breathwork Retreat x Ashley Neese

Hi friends! I am very happy to share that I am leading a breathwork retreat this summer in Sonoma County on an organic farm! I’ve been looking forward to this retreat for months and wanted to take a moment to share some of the details with you here.

As many of you know it has been a dream of mine to lead a breathwork and energy retreat for ages and after a couple of attempts to start one on my own I am very grateful to have the support of Yogascapes. I realized last year that putting together a retreat by myself wasn’t something that felt good to me energetically. It was too much to organize a space, food, logistics, plus teaching, holding space and making sure everything ran smoothly. It was clear to me that I would be much better off in partnership with someone who had lots of retreat experience and when I connected with Yogascapes it felt like a great fit. Plus several of my friends lead retreats with them and had nothing but praise.

Summer Solstice Breathwork Retreat x Ashley Neese

All of the things that I’ve been through around the initial dream and call to lead a retreat brought me to this place, in awe of how everything is working out. One of my goals for 2017 is to create more flow and ease in my life and after learning the ins and outs of retreat planning I realized I am completely in the flow with what we have in store for this summer and everything feels incredibly aligned.

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The Space Between Uncertainty and Joy

The Space Between Uncertainty and Joy x Ashley Neese

Hi! I’ve officially been an Oakland resident for 11 days and am slowly settling into life up here. My daily writing practice has fallen off a bit on the journal and I am here, recommitting to getting back into the swing of things. I forgot how much energy it takes to move to a new city and truth be told I was pretty exhausted my last couple of weeks in L.A.

It has been such good practice for me to stay gentle with myself during this major transition of moving my life up north and in with Nic. I know deep down this was the right choice for me, it’s just taking a while to really sink into life up here. I also know from all of the moving I have done in the past it will be another month or two before I am fully integrated. Being comfortable in the middle of the settling is something that I am really showing up for. Despite the fact that Nic and I started a cleanse 2 days ago, thank you Lacy for the inspiration, I must say that things are looking up!

Note to future self: maybe don’t start a cleanse before you have unpacked the garage. It’s beginning to look a lot like hoarder status on our back steps. #realtalk.

Something I mentioned in early February was that I felt scattered writing in so many places all of the time. Well, it’s been 2.5 months and I am still feeling a little un-grounded in terms of stream lining my writing practice. A big part of that is of course the move and also feeling like I need to keep up with the crazy machine that is Instagram. I know. I know it’s not real and that there is nothing to actually keep up with there. And on many days I can set my screaming little attention starved ego aside and recognize that there is an incredible, magnificent world outside of my iPhone, and if I take two seconds to look at the hummingbirds in the front lawn I will remember how awesome real life is. And another part of all of this is missing L.A. and my friends and wanting to keep with all the new places that are opening up in my old neighborhood.

Oh there are loads of feelings to be felt in this space between here and there. In this space of right here right now. The practice of getting okay with this place. This place where my office is still in boxes. This place where I am a little unsure how my life going to work out. This place where it’s challenging to recognize that rest and relaxation doesn’t have to equal depression. This place where I decide what constitutes an authentic writing practice. This place where I am revisited by ghosts from my past and am learning even more about boundaries. This place where not doing anything huge and important on the outside is actually moving mountains on the inside. This place where if I can just remember to let my breath go and allow myself feel, all will be okay.

And the thing is, it isn’t about the writing. My practice will be grounded when I am grounded. My life will slow down when I slow down. My ego will take the back seat when I let my heart run the show, fully, completely, and without hesitation. It is possible. I’ve been there. I will be there again. Right now I am here, smack dab in the middle of uncertainty and truth be told I am even enjoying it. Just a little.

So tonight, on this clear and receptive full moon my humble prayer is this:

May I breathe into the discomfort and create space for my destiny to reveal itself.

May I soften the rigid places in my thinking and craft new beliefs around what it means to work.

May I find balance in the ups and downs that are part of this transition and part of life.

May I confront any lies I’ve been telling myself and others in favor of radical vulnerability and collective healing.

May I stand strong like a tree, flexible in the wind and rooted in the present.

May I turn inward in times of fear and learn to trust in the wisdom and knowing of my heart.

All my heart.


Photo x Anaïs & Dax


Friday Feels 15

FRIDAY FEELS 15 x Ashley Neese

It’s true, April is really intense.

Shape the brain you want.

Pre ordered the new Feist, cannot wait for the 28th!

Chani’s horoscopes are so on point.

The best haircut of my life from Javan at Spoke & Weal L.A.

Come learn all about Energy Medicine with me in Oakland nest week!

Making Kelly LeVeque’s salmon poke bowl tomorrow.

On repeat.

Georgia O’Keeffe, a true style icon.

My favorite macrobiotic eats in the Bay Area.

Been revisiting this book for helpful reminders during transition.



Gratitude List 21

Gratitude List 21 x Ashley Neese

All of the jasmine.
Talking to my family this afternoon.
Turmeric lattes.
Clean air.
Hummingbirds outside the window.
Heartfelt emails from clients and friends.
Fresh starts.
Willingness to keep showing up.
Not being responsible for anybody’s feelings but my own.
The generosity of nature.
Tuning in.
Daily naps.
A bed of flowers.
Recalibrating to a more grounded frequency.
The excitement of growth.
The discomfort of repair.
The cleanliness of rain.
Not knowing.
Un knowing.
Re feeling.
The wisdom of a blade of grass.
The life force in a single seed.
The certainty of another sunset.