Friday Feels 25

The full Oprah speech transcript.

An incredible advice resource for life & work.

Breathwork taking the front stage in the NYT.

How I’m warming up my lunches this winter.

Hitting reset with the annual Goop detox.

Planning a hot springs get away in a couple of weeks.

The ultimate cleansing face balm (Pro tip you can also use this as a nourishing mask).

Got tickets to this incredible duo in two weeks!

An accessible and gorgeous guide to crystals.

Dreaming of this restorative cedar bath.


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Creating My Own Lane & Staying In It

Creating My Own Land & Staying In It x Ashley Neese

Welcome to the first post in my 2018 intention series! I am excited to elaborate on my intentions for the year and delve into why they are so important. I’m finding that the more willing I am to explore my intentions further the more I can integrate their teachings. This practice also helps me pay closer attention to when I am growing and when I am sliding off track. Because let’s face it, it can be all too easy to get over in someone else’s lane than stay in your own.

A few years ago when Marie Forleo coined the term multipassionate entrepreneur, I was like, yes, finally someone who gets my life! As a new entrepreneur I was having a blast doing what I loved for money and said yes to pretty much every opportunity that came my way. I saw clients, taught classes, hosted immersions, ran online programs, created sponsored journal and Instagram content, and was wellness editor for a major women’s website. It was incredible to feel like I could earn a living doing what made me happy and this was really important for my growth and development. It gave me loads of self confidence in my abilities and I learned a ton along the way.

A couple of years ago I started noticing that there wasn’t a single day that I wasn’t stressed about something work related, it was encompassing my entire life. The ‘having’ to post on Instagram for work, the continual essay deadlines that kept me too tired to write for my own journal, the need to keep up with stats, and constantly monitoring my social channels for likes and comments. I became overloaded. I was doing too many things and needed to make some serious changes. I started meditating on how I wanted to feel and what I really wanted to focus on and recognized that I had outgrown my life. How awesome is that?!

While it was essential for me as a new business owner to cast a wide net and monetize many aspects of my practice, it became clear that in order to thrive in the way that I most desired and become a leader in my field, I needed to create my own lane and stay in it. This meant downsizing the number of revenue streams I had in place and diving deeper into the areas that lit me up inside the most.

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Friday Feels 24

Hello! After a long break I am back to my weekly column sharing what inspires me, what I love looking at and just generally what I’m interested in. More soon and happy *almost* weekend!


Spent the day in this dreamy coastal town and fell in love.

My new go-to turmeric blend.

An incredible relationship resource from Esther Perel.

Restoring my eyebrows with this serum.

My dear friend and teacher just launched Integrated Meditation and it’s amazing!

Everything you need to know about crystal rituals.

Booked a room at this historic hotel in Palm Springs for next month.

The new Angel Olsen on vinyl.

Gearing up for the largest gem show of the year.

Found my spring staple shirt, just waiting for it to get warmer!



New Year’s Intentions

New Year's Intentions x Ashley Neese

Since crossing the threshold into 2018 I’ve been reflecting on my intentions which has been a favorite practice of mine for too many years to count (see links below in related posts for some fun New Year’s practices). I love making lists and I am especially fond of writing intention lists as a way to gain clarity on what it is I really want. I create them monthly on the new moon and bi-yearly with my partner. I am also a big fan of writing out a new year’s intention list in early January, harnessing the momentum of this beginning to consider what my heart most desires for the coming months.

As I wrote about in my recent post, this past year was full of challenges. Reflecting on the intense struggles aka major opportunities for monumental spiritual growth, it’s essential that my main intention this year is to be selective with where I put my energy. I realize that might sound corporate, stale or perhaps even pretentious. The thing is, I have spent the better part of my life using up so much of my energy on everything from trying to prove my worth, to comparing myself to others, to not trusting myself, that my body, mind, and heart have grown weary. If I learned anything in 2017 it is that I have to do a complete self care overhaul and keep things really simple this year.

It’s like back to basics, but not basic at all.
It’s like actual, legit, self mastery.

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