Blue Moon Thoughts

Blue Moon Thoughts by Ashley Neese

I am sure many of you have noticed the intense energy that has been building all week. Today is a very auspicious day, it is the day of a Blue Moon. Our month began with a full moon in Capricorn on the 1st that was all about transformation, growing pains, facing uncomfortable feelings and cultivating the patience to handle whatever surfaces.

Today the Blue Moon, what we call the second full moon in a month, is all about stepping into our authenticity, tapping into our visionary selves and feeling the collective strength of our communities. The Blue Moon is in Aquarius which is my birth sign so I am feeling the intensity of this on every level!

If you have been feeling restless this week leading up to the Blue Moon you are not alone. I’ve had trouble sleeping this week and have been flooded with major inspirational downloads as well as experiencing new aspects of myself that are cracking down an older paradigm of thinking and operating in the world. Just like we can’t have darkness without light, we can’t have a full moon without an opposing sun.

Full moons are notorious for opening us up, calling us to transition in new ways. It can often feel like a rebirth and anytime we go through the birthing process it is both incredibly painful and extremely joyful. If you’re feeling all of this at the same time take really good care of yourself today.

Slow down.

Breathe deeply.

Enjoy a bath infused with your favorite crystals and herbs, meditate on gratitude and journal about everything you are experiencing. Writing is a very powerful tool for releasing creative energy and bringing more clarity to your vision.

All full moons are a time of self discovery and inquiry. As the moon fills up with light, we experience that same fullness in our individual lives. Energetically, the full moon is a clear representation cyclical living and the focus is often on manifestations coming to life, realizations deepening and concentration on the present moment.

Today’s Blue Moon will no doubt illuminate some aspects of your life you have been working on and might even surprise you with a surfacing of something old that needs attention. I am always amazed at how cyclical our emotions are. Have you ever experienced working through major stuff only to find yourself feeling all of it again at a future time? As much as our society tries to make our lives linear, they aren’t. The truth is that every time we revisit a past pain, grief or heartache, we revisit it from a different place – if we’ve been doing the work of course. I’ve found the more internal work I do to get clear and free of old energy and relationships and ties that no longer serve me, the less it hurts when something shows up again. That second or third or twentieth surfacing lets me know it’s time to go deeper into the old energy and help let another piece of it go.

What’s been coming up for me a bunch this month is that it’s time to risk even more in all areas of my life. I have a few places where I’ve felt stuck and I recognize that I can keep doing the same thing I’ve been doing or I can take a leap of faith and really go for it. Today, with this crazy powerful Blue Moon every behind me I take a giant step into the unknown because at the end of the day I want to travel as light as possible. And if it means I need to get in there and allow myself to not keep it all together it’s worth it. Besides, if I’ve learned anything in life I’ve learned that there is no such thing as keeping it all together, there is only authenticity or hiding. In this Blue Moon there is no where to hide and what came through for me yesterday like a flash of lightening is that there is nothing to fear.

Our Blue Moon is an invitation to step into the places that scare you. One of my teachers always says that if we’re not getting those nervous little butterflies in our stomach on a regular basis, we are not risking enough. The moon is clearing the path, strongly encouraging us to leap out of our comfort zones and remember that it is up to US to change our lives.

When we’re willing to take that leap we will be in awe of the breakthroughs that happen. This energy brings forward one Ah-ha moment after another, if we’re willing to look deeply and create balance in our day to day lives. Take some time to check in with your feelings and notice what comes up for you in this area, especially if you are prone to holding back or feeling stagnent.

As we tune into the infinite possibilities of this Blue Moon energy may we have the courage to really trust ourselves. May we be willing to dare greatly, love freely and make choices that serve our highest good no matter how scary they are.

All my heart,



PS the next Blue Moon comes in 2018 so make the most of this one now!


// Photo by Marielle Chua


  • Corina

    We had a huge full moon last night and out of the sudden I had an answer to a question I was asking myself for years! It was a very simple answer I sometimes thought about already, but this time it came to me as a real aha moment and I could truely feel that this answer is the right one and a door opener to more happiness. ;-)

    • ashley

      Good morning dear Corina. What a powerful moment you experienced with our grandmother moon! I love it! So much is coming forward for you right now. Enjoy every last second of it – I know you are ;) xoa

  • Maja

    This totally resonated with me this sweet : “if we’re not getting those nervous little butterflies in our stomach on a regular basis, we are not risking enough.” SO TRUE.
    Oh man, it’s been one of the most intense and challenging weeks for me, leading up to the Blue Moon. A major issue that has been buried deep for years has resurfaced, and with a vengeance, too. But this week, for the first time in 10 years I have acted on it, instead of burying it again and it lead to experiencing the elusive butterflies in my stomach you mentioned that hadn’t been there in way too long. I am excited, scared but happy and proud of myself for finally being brave enough to step out of my not so comforting comfort zone.

    • ashley

      Hello Maja,
      Thank you for sharing, what a transformative time for you. I am really happy to hear you are taking action around what has surfaced for you, that is so HUGE. It’s totally normal to feel excited and scared and everything in between in a time like this. You are brave. You are strong. You have everything you need to get through this. Thank you for inspiring me this morning, this is exactly what I needed to read! Lots of love. xoa

  • Jennifer

    i have been experiencing all those sensations and feeling that you express from the beginning of your blog, i felt anxious, having dreams and not being able to sleep well this past week and i was wondering what was it, and now that u are explaining it i can totally relate myself to everything, it was the blue moon and all the energy, recently i am also making lots of changes in my life and YES, i am the type of person that is prone to holding back or feeling stagnant, and i want to change that.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH Ashley for making this blog, for sharing your experience because its helping me to go through all my own journey of changing my life, it was great to read this today i need it, all the best for you :)

    • ashley

      Hey Jennifer!
      Thanks for sharing what you have been feeling. You were totally feeling all of the moon’s energy for sure. This one was unreal, so major. Use all of the restlessness it stirs up to move forward and reach for more of what you want in your life. I am fully supporting you!
      Really grateful you are here that you shared your heart. It means the world to me. I am humbled by your kind words this evening. Wishing you a great week and sending lots of love your way. xoa

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for saying “second, third or TWENTIETH surfacing”! There are so many things I only need to face 2 or 3 times before they subside. But there are certainly a few that stick around. Each time I’m definitely in a different place. Thank you for being so real :)

    • ashley

      Hey Rebecca! Yes, isn’t that how it goes sometimes. When we start to work on deep levels occasionally we find a few energies that take longer to clear. It’s part of living with the cycles and trying to love ourselves through it as best we can. I love that you shared how there are many things that clear quicker, that is also the work of digging deep, we really can travel lighter and that always gives me hope. Thank you for being here and being real too! Sending love to you this morning. xoa

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