spring cleaning closet of shame update


Happy Monday! Hope you all had great weekends. I got so much down/fun time in which was good for me. As you know I am one of those people that can just work all the time because I love what I do and am super passionate about it. I have to be sure to take full days off here and there. I had a client reschedule her Saturday appointment and then I had a choice, work anyway or hangout Saturday and work Sunday. I was really glad to have had a full day off. I didn’t blog, post to Facebook, or Twitter on Saturday – it was amazing.

Now that it is Monday I am back in the swing of things and wanted to post my closet of shame update. If you forgot what this coste looked like before check it out here. I spent a good amount of hours cleaning it out yesterday and going through boxes and boxes of art and photos. I came across of pretty scary photos from high school and my early 20’s. Oh the changes of my hair styles! It’s like every year it was different. So funny. Sorry, won’t be posting those here. Only a few select friends got some of those images texted to them yesterday. We all had some awesome laughs.

Having that closet cleaned out feels amazing! I can get to things easily now and it’s not all cluttered with stuff I don’t have any use for. I have a nice give away pile and am already looking forward to doing the same thing in my clothing closet in the next couple of weeks.

How is it going with your spring cleaning? Have you started? Tomorrow I will post another cleaning project that you can join in on. This is the time of year to clean out so get on board with me and lets create some space in our lives.



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