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Good morning! I hope this finds you all well. I’ve been up cranking away for the upcoming sugar cleanse which I am super excited about. So many awesome people have signed up and I am very much looking forward to starting this weekend.

I haven’t blogged about this yet, but figured it was time – I have a strained wrist that has forced me to slow down with my yoga practice. As some of you that have been reading my blog for a while know I had a back injury from yoga a couple years ago hat I am finally recovered from. Needless to say, having a strain in my left wrist is bothersome but not nearly as challenging as the back was.

Managing injuries as a very active person can be tough on multiple levels. Of course there is the ego that tells me:  you’re teaching yoga now several times a week and you can’t even do one chaturanga without pain, or your students are going to stop showing up because you are weak. That stuff is there for sure but it’s in the background. The main struggle for me is to slow down and shift my practice. Since I can’t put a lot of weight on that wrist it’s been standing poses, forward folds, some back bends, and twists lately.

Yesterday morning during my practice at home I was standing in tree pose and started crying. Having to slow down and really be with my physical body in all it’s glory and limitations is humbling. I had this flash of, ok, now is the time I need to accept where I am at. I’ve spent too much time wishing the pain would stop or feeling lame about my practice all the while rushing around doing too many things. The reality is I am getting a very clear signal from my body it’s time to switch up the pace and move in a more conscious, mindful manner.

Isn’t this one of the main points of yoga anyway?! For me it surely is. One of the main reasons I continue to practice is to build that self-awareness muscle which enables me to listen to my mind, body, and spirit. Sure I could go on with my regular practice and not let my wrist heal properly, no pain, no gain right?! Wrong! It’s much better for me in the long run to deal with the uncomfortable feelings and allow my body the time it needs to heal. I know this is common sense but when I’m dealing with physical pain sometimes my judgement gets cloudy ;)

Today’s challenge is this: accept where you are. I am taking this on as part of my practice. I do need to slow it down and I also need to accept where I am – this is how I am going to move through this and come out stronger than I was before.

How are you going to practice self-acceptance today? Share where you’re at with this. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great Tuesday.


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  • Mimi

    Dear Ashley,

    Thank you so much for your post. As it often just happens i stumbled upon it by a string unconscious decisions and encountered your words at my perfect moment. I just forced my screaming toddler to take a bath whilst being mad at so many things and wordsn of today – Being angry is my current task and it is very new to me. I just try to take a breath, calm me down, try to calm my daughter and let every thing flow through me. Thats yoga for me at this point: after years and years i constantly have to remind me more than ever to concentrate on the essence of my practice: breathe in breathe out.

    I hope your wrist is quickly getting better. My favorite yoga teacher is neither bendy nor can he do perfect poses. But he is such a great guide while practicing. Now I am looking forward to read more of your blog!
    Cheers, m

    • ashley

      Hey Mimi!

      Thanks so much for writing. I love your description of your yoga. It’s easy to think of it in terms of one aspect such as physical postures but it’s so much more than that. My wrist is feeling better, slowly! My practice today looks like staying off it and really allowing it to heal. One of my favorite teachers here in LA is just like the one you described. He won’t do more than like 2 chaturangas a day because he is protecting his rotator cuff. I have so much respect for that.

      I hope that you are having a great week and focusing on your breath as much as possible, I’m saying that to remind myself as well ;)


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