embracing mistakes at work


Good afternoon! It’s been too long since my last post. This past week was so busy and I needed to take a break from the blog. When I get busy like that I have to let a few things go and unfortunately the blog was one of them.

It feels really good to be back though and I have some fun posts coming this week. Today I want to share something personal with you about making mistakes at work and how much I am learning about myself in this area.

But first a little story about learning to surf……

Ok so a few weeks ago I decided I was ready to learn how to surf. Jason took me out to a really gentle cove up north and we had a ball. I caught three waves – and by caught I mean didn’t fall off the board but was nowhere close to standing up! Being out there was so freeing and fun. I laughed a lot. I didn’t care that it was obvious I was a newbie. I swallowed sand, water, got knocked around all of this was in front of people mind you. Lots of people watching on the beach and plenty of people in the water could see me flop around.

In the water I was fine. I wasn’t thinking about anyone else. I was in the moment and enjoying the experience. I was literally along for the ride.

Flash forward to today. I started a new round of our Sugar Cleanse and sent out very lengthy packets to all of the participants on Friday night. We spent hours correcting grammar and typos, trying to make the info packets as professional as possible. Well today it was brought to my attention that there were some typos. GASP! I know, right?! I kinda wanted to crawl in a hole and never come out.

In those first few moments I felt that familiar sinking feeling of doubt. I took a few breaths and thought back to other times in my life where I made mistakes and how I let that take me down hard. I was so quick to go along for that ride, spiraling down into a pool of shame, making it all about how I would always be a failure.

When I took a few deep breaths and remembered how for many years I allowed mistakes like this to ruin my day, week and essentially my life I was grateful. In that space of awareness there is a sliver of hope and room to choose something different.

Today the choice was simple. I went into our online group and let folks know about the mistake. I owned it, apologized and let everyone know about the correction. I still felt uncomfortable about it but I know that the only way to let go and not sink into shame is to take responsibility and be kind to myself.

I’m not perfect. I’m doing the best I can and I’m being totally transparent about that. The corrections have been made and the next time I send out a packet it will be that much better. The packet, the cleanse and my life are a beautiful work in progress and when I can tune into that things aren’t so heavy and I am not the failure.

Ultimately all mistakes are an opportunity for growth. Clearly this is something I am ready to work on and am glad the opportunity presented itself. Amazing how much difference a few years makes.

Not getting it right in front of people surfing or in a yoga class doesn’t phase me. When money is exchanged and I make a mistake in my chosen career it is so incredibly humbling. I am grateful today that I see all of these connections and that I have an awesome opportunity to change how I think about myself by choosing to live authentically at work. This is major for me and I know I will continue to learn more as I keep moving forward.

Wishing you all a lovely week and see you back here soon.



  • lacy davis

    Power houses make typos too! You’re still an inspiration <3

    • ashley

      That means the world coming from you Lacy! I’ve been following your blog for months and love the way you share. It is just awesome and inspiring. I’ve been sending my friend over there too and you have helped them so much. I really hope our paths cross again I have a feeling they will! Wishing you a wonderful evening. xoa

  • topa

    Nobody is perfect. ;-) If something is inspiring or helpful or new I don’t care about the little mistakes. I care about the things that make me moving on. And you’ve done that already. :-)

    • ashley

      Right there with you! Thanks so much for writing that, totally makes my day! Hey how are the yoga books going?! xoa

  • Meg

    Whew. I love every word on this entry. And I needed to hear just these words. Thank you, Full Moon Sister. Hit on so many levels here…of attachment, awareness, acceptance, forgiveness. My whole heart just sat up to take notice.

    • ashley

      Hi there Meg. So wonderful to hear from you. It feels good to know that this resonates for you too. I was hesitant to blog about it but am glad I did. It really is important to, as you so beautifully wrote, take notice. Lots of forgiveness going on over here! Wishing you well this afternoon. xoa

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