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11/11/11 >> 11:11

This past Friday we got out of class early and I drove to the Mendocino Headlands to let my intentions be known to the universe. Since this date happens once every one hundred years I wanted to take the time to hold space for this day and use it to recommit to my goals as well as say my intentions out loud. I chose the spot pictured above. It was very windy that day, only a few other people were out. I pretty much had a huge stretch of coastline all to myself.

My Mom has always been big on letting us know when the clock strikes 11:11. She says it’s “god’s time”. While I don’t really believe in a¬†Judeo-Christian¬†god, I have always sensed something special about 11:11 as well. Since I was a child have made a wish or said a silent prayer to myself whenever I noticed it was 11:11. 11/11/11 at 11:11 seemed like a very auspicious time to get in touch with myself, feel my feet on this earth, inhale the clean coastal air, and speak my truth, out loud to the ocean- something I haven’t done since my last night in Puerto Rico this past May.

Sitting here on my lunch break at school, I am returning to this post a few days later. Things have shifted since 11/11/11. I feel more connected to everything and I am back to taking the best possible care of myself each day. Over the weekend I went to a new yoga class, prepared delicious raw salads, and even ran outside in the sun. Oh! And it that were not enough I started this blog! Um, hi ;) Huge deal as fear has definitely kept me from working on it.

Before I drove to the coast I wrote out my intentions.

This is what I spoke to the ocean:

“This year I will speak up. I will not fear my own voice or inner guide. I will share my light with others to connect and inspire. I will nurture my physical body through eating clean foods, regular asana practice, and walking. I will create a thriving life by reaching out and supporting others to achieve their health goals. I will listen deeply. I will love fearlessly. I will inhabit an open, bright home with plenty of green space. I will be an active and useful member of my community. I will not let fear get in the way of my dreams and vision. I will live in a constant state of abundance and trust that the power of these intentions and the infinite power of the universe. Above all, I will love from the depths of my soul, all beings on this earth. ”





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