five simple steps to eat well everyday


One of the comments I hear often is how difficult it is to eat healthy on a daily basis. Many of us can have weeks or months of healthy eating and then before we know it we’re back in bed with the ice cream in front of Hulu wondering how we got here again.

When people share their challenges with me I offer them 1-2 suggestions from this list. Some folks I never hear from again, others get back in touch and share how these small steps have helped them improve not only what they eat, but how they feel about themselves.

Eating well isn’t about being perfect or living a life of restrictions. It’s about paying attention and incorporating healthy foods as often as possible. It’s not all or nothing and there isn’t a wagon to fall off of. Start small. Start where you are. Start today.


Five Simple Steps To Eat Well Everyday


1. Stay hydrated.
Ever eaten something not that great for you because you were super thirsty? Excessive hunger can be caused by dehydration (lack of sleep and sugar cravings too fyi). Before you reach for that packaged snack, drink a big glass of room temperature water and wait 15 minutes for it to settle. When we’re hydrated it can be easier to make healthy food choices. Get off to a good start by drinking lemon water before breakfast or just sip a cup of plain water. Carry around a water bottle so you always have clean drinking water.

2. A salad a day….
Keeps the doctor away! Sorry. I had to. But really, try to eat a big salad everyday. If you’re just starting out with salads add them to your diet a couple of times a week and build from there. Salads do not have to be boring pieces of drab lettuce with oil and vinegar. Get creative. Try these simple salad rolls or take it to the next level and eat a huge salad as a meal. If it’s super cold where you live and raw salads aren’t an option, make sure you are getting loads of veggies during meal times.

3. Pack snacks.
I always have a piece of seasonal fruit in my bag, a little container of trail mix, and sometimes a green juice. We’re busy and we can’t always plan out every little detail. Many times I have been stuck in traffic on the way home and am beyond grateful I can munch on an apple in the endless sea of cars on the freeway. Eating in the car isn’t ideal but it’s better than being a hungry grouch when I get home ;)

4. Blend or juice those greens.
This is such a controversial topic but here’s the deal: we want to be healthy and we don’t have 2 hours a day to cook or make sure we’re getting all the nutrients we need! Drinking a simple green juice or blending up a delicious green smoothie daily will give our body loads of nutrition in a format that is easy to digest. And if you’re really pressed for time stock up on your favorite local cold pressed juice.

5. Exercise!
By now you’re like omg she always mentions this but hey, we all need reminders to get up and move! Go for a walk, take a spinning class, do 10 minutes of sun salutations in your living room. Physical activity helps regulate our metabolism, promotes better sleep, and keeps us on track with healthy eating. I have never come out of a great workout and craved a piece of cake or a bucket of french fries. I am sure someone out there has the point is regular exercise helps us make wise food choices for the long haul.


In the beginning eating well and taking care of yourself can feel like a lot, and it is. Adding these suggestions in one at a time is a great way to get started. Slow and steady wins the race. Truly.

I’m giving you homework this week : try some of these steps and let me know how they go! Even if it’s just one or two – that is amazing.  I can’t wait to hear how it goes. See you soon!



  • Lindsay

    Reading your 5 simple steps this morning while I dried my hair was the perfect way to start my day! (I always read or check my mail and fb while I dry my hair.) I especially like #1! A great reminder. I can’t tell you how often I think I am hungry and really I am dehydrated and reach for the wrong thing! Thanks for helping me stay on the right track! XOXO

    • ashley

      Hey Lindsay! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I totally agree about #1. It’s a big one! I’m so glad this helped you and I love that you read it while drying your hair ;) Perfect way to maximize time in the mornings. Have a wonderful day. xoa

  • topa

    Thanks for that, Ashley! Already the first point got me to: Aha, that’s interesting. I am such a bad drinker. A big salad works for me as well. But I was always wondering, why I cannot eat anything big after doing a whole yoga session. I am never hungry after yoga and some fruits or veggies are just fine then.

    • ashley

      Hey! I can’t eat much after practice either, I usually opt for a juice, smoothie or fruits/veggies like you mentioned! Keep me in the loop with your practice and I look forward to hearing how you like the books ;) xoa

  • topa

    And thank you a lot for the book recommendations, I’ll let you know! :-)

  • marlene franco

    great post, lady! loved all the tips! i have been drinking lemon water in the mornings for about a year now and i can say this practice has changed my mornings forever! love it! i also add a bit of cayenne pepper to it and every now and then some goji berries (they are so yummy)! i definitely have to become a bit better at #5! i exercise a few times a week but not as much as i would like to, but that’s in the works! ;) have a great start of the week, girl!

    • ashley

      Thanks Marlene! Oh wow the cayenne is a great idea, I’ll try that one out and let you know how it goes! A few times a week with exercising is amazing lady. I’ve been walking a lot more lately and really enjoy it, especially now that it is getting a bit warmer out. Wishing you a wonderful week!!

  • Sanam

    What a great post, with really simple yet powerful suggestions. It’s also reassuring, because I’m doing at least one of these already (big salads as meals), have another on my radar (staying hydrated) and newly recommitted to a third (exercise!)

    Also, #3 is such a good one, the perfect way to keep from getting hangry (hungry + angry), which happens more often than I’d like. Going to set a “packing snacks” intention for next week… Thanks again!

    • ashley

      Thanks Sanam! It’s great to connect with you! Sounds like you are well on your way. This is a great time of year to set those intentions and go for it!

      Wishing you a glorious 2016.

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