five ways to support your health during stressful times

Ok, so I know I’ve been writing about this a bit, I haven’t been feeling well since late last week. This is unusal for me. I typically have lots of energy, rest well, and feel great. That has not been the case as of late and to be honest it’s been bumming me out. Since my yoga immersion ended all I’ve wanted to do is practice handstands, work in the garden, play in the kitchen and focus on my career, instead I’m not sleeping well, exhausted, and feel on the verge of getting sick. The reality is I have been engaging in multiple ¬†high stress activities and I am more awake and aware then I have ever been in my life.

I have lived the majority of my life under a great deal of stress. Whether it was family stuff when I was younger, or all the pressure I put on myself to achieve and prove myself to the world. Stress and anxiety are nothing new to me. For years I had no idea it was possible to not feel agitated and anxious constantly. It was how I always felt and seemed normal, read: it was all I knew. In my 20’s I started becoming aware of how much of this energy I carried around through starting a meditation practice. On the cushion it became clear, fast, that something had to shift, fast, living like that was unsustainable, that much I knew. I was also constantly sick, another clue that things were not working right in my life.

When I started to transition to a whole foods diet four years ago I got sick even more than usual. I was also under more stress from work and travel than I had been and my body just didn’t know what to do! I was like, wtf, I’m eating kale now what is the issue?! There was still a part of me that was a bit clueless, I got the food stuff, I knew processed foods and tons of sugar (two things I loved to eat) were not the way to go but I was having trouble connecting the dots with my work, and lets be real honest, my personal life, read: romantic relationships. Yeah. Lots going on then it’s no wonder I never felt very good.

Since taking charge of my health and spirit through proper diet, exercise, healthy communication/boundaries, tons of self-care, and spiritual practices today I am aware of what needs to change in my life to get me back on track towards having optimal energy and wellness. While I am not thrilled I don’t feel well, I also see that is a direct result of how I have been living – too many major changes in a short period of time! Got it ;) Hey, none of us are perfect, not even the ones that write blogs about healthy living. The point for me is to recognize what needs to change, admit my imperfections, and move towards making the shifts.

While I was thinking of this post earlier I knew I wanted to include a list of some sort, one because they are fun and two because sometimes it is useful for me to have my prescription for wellness in easy to read bullet points – this way I am more likely to refer to the often. I created this list to help me feel my best during these stressful times. I am committed to reading it daily and putting these actions into practice:


Five ways to support your health during stressful times:

  • Get plenty of rest. Go to bed early.
  • Stay hydrated. Lots of pure H2O and some fresh coconut water.
  • Support immune function. Drink homemade ginger/garlic/lemon teas, eat lots of fresh dark leafy greens, legumes, and berries.
  • Put your self-care above all other obligations.
  • Connect with yourself daily through meditation/asana/writing.


I hope you all can take something from this post. People always tell me how much stress they are under and it is important we slow down and take care of our health. When we get sick/ill we miss out on even more! Our bodies are incredible in that they always tell us what they need. If we are still long enough to listen to them we will know exactly what to do.



  • buster

    also. gelatanized maca root and matcha green tea both support healthy adrenal function..!

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