Friday Feels 02 :: Conscious Gifting

Friday Feels 02 :: Conscious Gifting

In the spirit of conscious gifting, I put together some of my favorite ways to support the emotional, energetic and metaphysical needs of those wellness loving folks on your gift list. The warm feeling in your heart when you give someone something meaningful lights you up from the inside out. The beauty of giving intentional gifts is that they will have a lasting impact on the receiver that will ripple out into the world.

On this carefully curated list I’ve included inspiring reads, important non-profits, spiritual tools and sessions with some of my go-to healers. No matter what you choose to give to your loved ones this season have fun with the process and don’t forget to put your name at the top of that list!



A book about rising up, stepping into your worth and practical steps for leaning into vulnerability.

Mindfulness essentials. A box set of books by my favorite Zen master.

My favorite cafe in Silver Lake, Sqirl, just released a phenomenal cook book. This is the ultimate California food experience!

One of the best relationship books I’ve ever read. A must for those in partnerships that want to grow, heal and transform their lives.

The miracle bible. A daily practice book for the new year.



Alma Community Outreach partners with public schools in Los Angeles and teaches students how to grow food and cook while examining their community food system. Such an incredible organization.

A beautiful wildlife rehabilitation and education center in Ojai. They bring incredible raptors back to life and give them a safe place to heal.

Planned Parenthood. This place helped me too many times to count growing up. They are needed in this country.

A writing organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills. I volunteered at their center in San Francisco years ago and it was such an amazing experience.


Healing Tools

Chakra tuning forks. Recalibrate your vibration. Rest deeply. Transmute energy.

Fluorite is beautiful mineral for reducing stress, grounding energy and strengthening intuition.

My favorite body oil for clearing energy blocks and keeping my visions strong. A percentage of proceeds from Holy Grass will be donated to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe – Dakota Access Pipeline Donation Fund.

Open your heart with this handcrafted tincture that supports emotional healing. You’re going to want the 2 oz. bottle ;)

Wisdom from the animal kingdom. This is the oracle I consult daily.



Danielle is my favorite astrologer in L.A. She’s bright, down to earth and super insightful. A wonderful gift for the novice and those well versed in the wisdom of the stars.

For those looking for clarity on their path and manifestation tools that get results, a session with my dear friend Lacy is the perfect way to start the year on a high note.

Thea has been my Reiki teacher for three years and is one of the most gentle souls I’ve come across. Her treatments are heart soothing and deeply restorative.

Chinese medicine has been an incredibly healing component in my life. Sonya’s treatments are intuitive, gentle, and always balanced.

Breathwork and energy medicine have changed my life in such dramatic ways. If you or a loved one is looking for a safe place to work through challenging emotions, clear stuck energy, or reorganize your belief system I’d love to see you for a session. I work with couples as well.



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  • Corina

    Wonderful ideas and great inspiration as well! Thanks, Ashley! :-)

    • ashley

      Thank you so much sweet sister! I hope you have an incredible weekend. I am sending you so much light and love this season! xoa

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