Friday Feels 05

Friday Feels 05 x Ashley Neese

Today is a strange day and I’m sharing some of my favorite things to get you through the weekend. I’ve got new about a new radical space on the east side, some of my favorite reads this week, a recipe I will be trying, and a talk to keep your spirits elevated this weekend. Sending love to everyone taking part in the women’s march tomorrow. Your presence and voices are needed. All my heart. x


Feeling so happy this is happening on my birthday tomorrow.

Dolphin music is literally everything.

A radical feminist wellness studio in Los Angeles that is creating a safe space for everybody.

This chili recipe tho. Can’t wait to make it.

For those interested in shadow work.

Really excited about what these folks are creating in DTLA.

Modern tools for integrated living.

Donal Trump’s astrology chart. Wow.

Essays that endlessly inspire.

Justin Bieber at the Rose Bowl this summer. YAS.

An inspiring talk on prosperity. Be prepared to get fired up!

Fingers crossed we get to see the wave next month.



Photo x Lani Trock



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