Friday Feels 07

Friday Feels 07 x Ashley Neese

Moving into the weekend and all I can really think about is that Nic and I are going to the gem show in Tucson Arizona for a week! I’ll be posting loads of Instagram stories so be sure to stay tuned. In the mean time I’ve got you covered with a radical feminist archive, thoughts on how to preserve history in trying times, a creative business podcast that always hits the spot, what Hawk medicine means to healers, and my go-to oil for staying grounded. Wishing you a restorative weekend. All my heart. x


Constantly craving this miso bowl from Honey Hi in Echo Park.

A good looking (and totally functional) hot water bottle. Cramps be gone!

Preserving history in very trying times.

The frequency of the heart chakra aka music that makes you fall asleep.

Wearing these earrings everyday.

Miranda July’s feminist archive.

One of my go-to business podcasts. These ladies are brilliant and hilarious.

An easy way to keep the energy clear at home.

The ultimate soup roundup.

Meditation enhancing, heart warming, emotionally balancing. This oil is everything.

Red tailed Hawk medicine.

Wellness trends of 2017, guess who got a mention?!


Photo x Lani Trock





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