Friday Feels 09

Friday Feels 09 x Ashley Neese

It’s super rainy in Oakland today, we’re staying cozy at home! Here are my favorites this week. Wishing you a restorative weekend. All my heart. x


The coloring book I will be gifting everyone this year.

Calming Navajo flute music that transcends place and time.

Life changing juice in Sedona, Arizona.

Antioxidant rich face serum with malachite, a must for polluted city living.

Intro to breathwork class at Individual Medley.

One of my favorite stones for grounding energy.

An Instragram account that makes me laugh.

Pizzaiolo has the best almond butter toast Oakland. Damn.

Another place in the desert I dream of visiting.

New favorite album on repeat.

Adaptogenic love potions, yes please!




  • Meg

    Next visit, you will definitely need to let me know, will happily show you some magical land in Sedona! And so glad you got to visit Summer’s Local Juicery! XO.

    • ashley

      Oh of course! We’re already planning our next trip for Feb ’18! That would be amazing. Oh her juicery is incredible. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. x

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