Friday Feels 12

Friday Feels 12 x Ashley Neese

Healing central coat hot springs.

Astrology for the soul.

Oh pop music, you get me every time.

One of my all time favorite meditation practices.

I totally want to see this.

A secret temple in Tibet.

These linen sheets though.

Cannot wait to make this gorgeous citrus cake.

The effects of generosity on the brain.

How to slice beautiful avocados.

Digital detox bath.

Full moon in Virgo horoscopes.

A self care playlist from TED.





  • Kamaile

    I love learning new things from you that I might not otherwise find out about. Thank you for sharing the book Loving Kindness.
    I recently started attending a meditation center/Buddhist temple and it’s been a great experience so far. About to listen to the self care playlist Ted talk.

    <3 Kamaile

    • ashley

      Thank you Kamaile, it is always such a treat to hear from you. That is such great news that you started attending a temple. It’s so helpful to practice in community and really accelerates my growth. Enjoy the TED lectures and have a wonderful week. x

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