Friday Feels 27

I’ve been off in pregnancy land and writing my first book so the journal has been on the back burner. I am happy to share today that I am back here and will be posting at at least twice a week until the baby comes in October. It feels really good to be back and grounding into this space right now. I’ve got some personal essays in the works, inspiring interviews and of course my weekly favorites series that I am going to share today. Thank you for tuning in and more coming next week! x


The must see documentary film of the year.

Revisiting this summer playlist.

These slightly frumpy but cute maternity overalls.

The podcast I’ve been waiting for.

Learning how to fight.

The face mist I am totally obsessed with.

Been wearing these everyday at home.

A new addition to my at home work out.

Manifesting my next retreat here.

What I’m looking at for fun.


Photo x @ariellevey


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