Gratitude List 08

Gratitide List 08 x Ashley Neese

Inspiring clients who show up and do the work.
Late morning neighborhood walk.
Being greeted by hawks, butterflies, and bluejays.
Listening to a guy on a hill covered in succulents play the ukulele.
Clear skies.
A way home.
Call from my brother.
Almost finished with my taxes.
Bone broth brewing in the kitchen.
Clearing the decks.
Slow living.
Mary Oliver.
New music for my breathwork class tomorrow night.
Creating a new moon wish list with Nic.
Dreaming so big and seeing it all come forward quickly.
A partner with similar interests.
A kindred spirit across the world.
Plans to see friends later this week.
Keeping the channel clear.
New edits to the book proposal.
Putting my whole heart into my passions.
So many creative downloads coming through.
Vivid dreams.
Bare feet on damp grass.



  • Ashley Hallmark

    MARY OLIVER. Yes! She is always on my list, too.

    • ashley

      Oh isn’t she the best?! Such an incredible way with words, her poems are like prayers for the soul. Thinking of you dear and wishing you a wonderful week! x

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