eat healthy at the movie theater


How often do we show up at the movies and smell the fake butter and popcorn and immediately think we must eat it? Even after years of healthy eating I can be overwhelmed by the urge to eat unhealthy snacks at the movies. To help satisfy my desire to munch on something during a long film, and movies these days are super long, I like to bring my own food so I won’t feel deprived. I also bring water so I don’t have to spend another $6+ on a bottle of it!

While I have been known to bring an entire meal with me into the theater if I am seeing a movie during dinner time, I usually opt for homemade trail mix and fruit. I keep a variety of dried fruits, nuts and seeds in the house. Throwing a quick mix together in a mason jar takes all of three minutes and will keep me satisfied during the film. Whole, fresh fruit is also great like a banana or orange. Apples are good but they can be kinda loud, better to slice beforehand if possible ;)

So there you have it, an easy tip you can use to keep yourself away from the super salty and sugary eats at the movies. Great thing is it isn’t just for the movies. Any time you are traveling or going out for a long day, take a snack with you and you will be less tempted to make poor food choices when hungry. I cannot tell you how many times I ate whatever I could get my hands on because I waited too long to eat and/or didn’t have a healthy snack close by. Don’t make that mistake!

Happy Monday and see you back here tomorrow for a new post about spring cleaning.


PS – I saw A Place Beyond The Pines on Saturday and this was the exact snack we brought!


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