Interview x Belén Vazquez Amaro


Today I am happy to share the third interview in our Inspired Living series. Last year after my interview with FvF was published I received such a kind email from Belén Vazquez Amaro. Right after reading it I went over to her website and was blown away by her photography. We connected pretty quickly over email on multiple levels and I have been inspired by her ever since.

In addition to being a super talented photographer and stylist, Belén also creates her own recipes and is a yoga teacher. Belén is the founder of Yoga & Breakfast, a beautiful event that combines a early morning yoga class with a lovingly prepared breakfast. Belén’s life and work is all about finding beauty in the everyday, creating community with like minded souls, and inspiring the people around her in everything that she does.



How do you take care of yourself?
Eating a plant based diet, buying as much organic as possible. Having a daily routine of Yoga asana, meditation and Pranayama. Walking in the nature. Creating nice moments in the day, they could be small treats as a smoothie or fresh juice that will recharge my batteries or a nice cup of tea (loving chamomile and fennel infusion). Reminding myself to breathe and slow down.

What inspires you to create?
Anything can inspire me, an article in a magazine or website, a book, a photography, a flower, a trip, a view… and people around me, from someone walking in the street to a close friend. It is all about connecting.




Name one of favorite meals to prepare.
Love to cook, love to eat!

How to you continue to evolve and grow as a person?
Thinking quite often about this question…observing the actions and reactions toward myself and other people


The best advice you have ever taken.
You are not your mind, you are bigger than that. From my teacher Ratheesh Mani

What are you committed to?
To the yoga practice.


Name one of your biggest challenges and how you moved through it.
Still working on that, but something that I am practicing is to be kinder with myself/others and to be more present.

Share three of your heroes and why the mean so much to you.
My boyfriend, he is my life partner and he taught me how it is to be loved. My teacher, he put the light on my way. People who help other people in a selfless- healthy way.

Yoga-&-BreakfastWhat do you like most about yourself?
That I like to create things.

Name one thing you haven’t done yet that you really want to do.
Travel to a lot of different places in the world, i would like to see more


Where do you enjoy silence?
In early mornings.

What are you most grateful for?
I am grateful for many things in life, but the one that I am most grateful for is to exist.


If you aren’t already following Belén on Instgram, head over now and see what she’s up to. It’s an endless stream of quiet beauty and I always want to eat everything she makes.


  • Laura

    WHAT A TREAT, her website is so inspiring and FILLED with delicious ideas. Thanks for sharing. xo

    • ashley

      Thanks Laura! I am so happy to share her work and that you love it!! Have a gorgeous weekend. xoa

  • Maja

    What beautiful images and she sounds like such an amazing lady!
    Thanks for sharing the lovely interview!

    • ashley

      I knew you would adore her Maja ;) She’s a kindred spirit for sure and her photography is next level! Have a fantastic weekend. xoa

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