Interview x Erica Chidi Cohen

Inspired Living with Erica Chidi Cohen by Ashley Neese

Hello dears! I am over the moon to post our next Inspiring Women interview today with my dear friend Erica Chidi Cohen. When I came across Erica’s Instagram feed about a year and a half ago I immediately connected with her energy. It was so refreshing to find a woman creating and holding space for mamas in a way that felt really current and fresh. Pretty soon after connecting on social we met for lunch in Venice and have become close friends. I am very grateful to share some of her life with all of you today.

Erica is founder of The Mama Circle, a modern parenting resource that guides women on their journeys to becoming mothers. She is a doula, wife, soon to be author, and creator of Mama Mornings, beautifully curated free gatherings for new mamas to come out and connect with each other. I’ve had the honor of collaborating with Erica on personal and work projects and the way she holds space for all women is deeply moving.

Erica is a grounded force in our L.A. wellness community and I have so much respect for the way she shows up as a wife, friend, entrepreneur, and intuitive leader. Today Erica shares about the importance of vulnerability, the power of women supporting women, and how she creates heart centered community.

Inspired Living with Erica Chidi Cohen by Ashley Neese

What are your self-care musts?
Long, hot baths piled with epsom salts and essential oils. Slathering my limbs daily in The Good Stuff by May Lindstrom. Using Hope Gillerman’s Stress Remedy with abandon. Reiki. Myo-facial release work. Saying no, when it’s needed. Pilates. Hugs from my husband and snuggles with my cat. Singing really loud and “seat dancing” in my car in traffic. Oh and a solid nap whenever I can fit it in.

Do you have a morning or evening ritual? If so, tell us about it.
Yes, In the morning I’ll wake up and check my email and text messages (as a doula, I’m always checking in to see if someone has gone into labor) if all is quiet,  then I’ll have a cup of warm water with lemon and meditate with a mineral (typically quartz) and then journal about what came up for me. Lately I’ve been finding solace in kundalini mantras and music. It’s deeply mood-shifting and grounding. I’ll usually chant or sing as I meditate.

Inspired Living with Erica Chidi Cohen by Ashley Neese

Best advice you’ve ever taken.
I’ve been given a lot of good advice over the years, but I’ve recently started reading Brené Brown and I’ve adopted her advice to “be vulnerable.” There is so much power in reaching out to someone who scares you, has hurt your heart or has crossed a boundary and letting them know how you were affected. It doesn’t matter if they don’t resonate with or accept your feelings, the act of speaking your truth, moving out of shame and into authenticity will allow you to breathe with ease and move forward in a positive direction, unpinned by the baggage of words left unsaid.

How do you stay inspired?
Cultivating a curious spirit, surrounding myself with people who willingly share of themselves, reading and I’ll happily say it — instagram.

Name one of your biggest challenges and how you moved through it.
The death of my half-sister, about a year ago. I’m still processing it, but time, reaching out to friends, connecting with an amazing therapist and letting myself feel whatever appears (tears, anger, stillness) and trying not to judge it or restrict it has helped tremendously. Energy work (reiki) and deep bodywork has helped too.

Inspired Living with Erica Chidi Cohen by Ashley Neese

What does wellness mean to you?
Feeling a sense of ease in your body and knowing on intuitive level what your body needs and fully embracing it. Positive or negative

Sister wisdom.
We are better together. It’s an incredible time for what I would describe as The Entrepreneurial Women. It’s imperative that we lift each other up and recognize each others gifts. Occasionally there will be creative overlap, especially with women who share the same interests as you, but that’s ok — and in fact — expect it. Don’t let that sully your perspective. Healthy competition, drives creativity. There is more than enough room for all of to be present, shine and spread positivity. Whenever appropriate and possible, collaborate and connect.

Inspired Living with Erica Chidi Cohen by Ashley Neese

How do you create community?
Reaching out and acknowledging the beauty, intelligence and potential in someone you admire. And through making food for people I care about. I’ve been hosting dinner parties since I’ve been in high school and there is nothing I love more than chatting while cooking in my kitchen or over delicious meal.

What are you most grateful for?
A new day, the chance to be better, love harder and rest more in the moment.


  • Elenore Bendel Zahn

    Oh how I just love and admire you both! Pure inspiration!

    • ashley

      Oh hello dear Elenore! It is so lovely to hear form you here. You are a huge inspiration to us and I am grateful for your kind words this morning. Lots of love. xoa

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    Oh my those figs…I must find some fresh off the drooping branches. Cheers to living and breathing better.

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      Fresh figs are the most incredible! Happy hunting for them :)

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