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Inspired Living // Lacy Phillips

Happy Monday loves! It feels very fitting to start the week with a dose of inspiration from one of my favorite women in Los Angeles, Lacy Phillips. I was introduced to Lacy’s incredible online guide Free + Native over a year ago, and was thrilled to finally connect with her a few months back in the neighborhood. Lacy glows from the inside out. She is so bright, encouraging, and positive. I knew instantly that I had met a true kindred spirit and I am so grateful she took the time to share with us today.

Lacy is an herbal scholar, connector, recipe creator, and editor of F+N. In a very short time she has built an incredible community of souls who want to live with intention, beauty, and grace. Today Lacy shares wise words about the teachers all around us, a wealth of self holistic self care tools, and how she stays true to herself.

Inspired Living // Lacy Phillips

Do you have a morning or evening ritual? If so, tell us about it.
Mornings are incredibly special to me. I wake up with a new sense of wonder everyday and then I stay quietly in bed going through my powerful affirmations to set the day. Then I express some elements that I’m grateful for which usually result in my partner Ryan Snow, my rescue Barley, and my epic community.

Dusk is the most powerful part of my day. It’s this magical time between loud and quiet, light and dark, high energy to calm energy.  I feel like anything is possible in these moments. This is when I take the time to meditate or practice Kundalini Yoga with Guru Jagat via RA MA TV. Which I assure everyone is the most vibrational form of Television!

How do you create balance between your personal and professional life?
I don’t. I’m dreadful at this. Zero boundaries. My professional friends all turn into my girlfriends that I want to make tonics for, braid their hair, and read their cards. My readers and clients all turn into my extended family. And I have zero set business hours. I’m working from the moment I get up to when I go to sleep.

Inspired Living // Lacy Phillips

What is your favorite way to relax?
Getting out of town with Ryan and Barley. It’s the only time that I fully disconnect.  Ultimate relaxation.

Best advice you’ve ever taken.
“No one is your friend. No one is your enemy. Everyone is your teacher.” When I look through this telescope, I’m never let down or hurt.  I see nothing but beautiful lessons. When I have my ego goggles on, I’m often disappointed.

Share your self-care musts.
Jiva-Apoha oils & rose infused Shea Butter. Jade face roller. Herbs (right now, it’s Sun Potion everything, nettles, red clover, burdock root, and alfalfa). Inversions & dry body brush to stimulate lymph. NATIVE bone Broth. La Tierra Sagrada Hair Treatment and Mason Pearson Popular brush as well as their wide tooth Comb. The mantra, “I’m perfect exactly as I am.” And Moonstone as I’ve just come into really nourishing my womb creatively and spiritually.

Inspired Living // Ashley Neese

Name three books that are inspiring you right now.
Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan. Woolgathering by Patti Smith. Conscious Loving by Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks. The three are in constant rotation at this point in time.

How to you stay true to yourself?
By keeping my blinders on and trying to not see what others in my field are up to. It’s important that we are all on our quest for unique truth as we all have some very unique offerings for this age. Otherwise, the same information, projects, thoughts, and healing are just recycled and reused over and over.

Is connecting to nature something that you value? 
Immensely. I grew up on a ranch outside of Yosemite with literally hay, creeks, rocks, moss, stone ground holes in the rocks from Indians, cows, horses, and chickens as my friends, toys, and imagination. That spirit, aloneness, and one with quiet, unintended nature is something that just simply can’t leave the spirit. I feel like I drank such a full cup of it as a child that quiet time in nature isn’t needed as often as I know it is for my friends that didn’t have that. It’s just always inside you.

Inspired Living // Lacy Phillips

Share a favorite seasonal wellness tip.
Find out your specific dosha line up. Find out which of the 8 constitutions you are. And adhere by these guidelines for your exact unique constitution. Don’t jump onto the LA bandwagon of raw foods, any herb out there, and so forth as these may create a lot of imbalance in the body. Very specific constitutions truly benefit from these trends. And treasure yourself.  It’s epic how incredibly unique and stunning each and every one of us are.

Tell us one thing you haven’t done yet that you really want to do.
Birth life. I feel that I’ve been prepping my body, spiritual expansion, consciousness, and business to bring spirit into the world and to start forming my tribe.

What are you most grateful for?
Freedom. Complete unapologetic creativity and freedom. These are my deepest and greatest values in life. That and love.


For daily inspiration be sure to follow Lacy’s Instagram feed, so much beauty!



    I didn’t know her!! Love this interview and her style of living!! Thanks for sharing!! xx

    • ashley

      Thanks for sharing Danae! Lacy is so lovely and I am really to have her in this series. I am thrilled to introduce you to her.
      Wishing you a beautiful week.

  • lauren

    oh how i adore that Lacy!

    she is a true gem, we are lucky to have her on this planet and in our community. i loved getting to know her more! a sweet soul, like the golden honey nectar of a beautiful spring flower, she glows! :)
    thank you Lacy for sharing
    and thank you Ashley for connecting
    love you both!

    • lauren

      ps – Lacy, i didn’t know there were EIGHT constitutions ! how do i find this out? i know my doshas…
      any good books you would recommend

    • ashley

      Lacy IS a gem! So happy she is part of this series and that you are too. Really love our community. We are so blessed.
      Love her light and wisdom, she has tons to bring into our world.
      Love you dear!

  • Britanie

    What a beautiful interview. I am constantly inspired by Lacy and this interview was no exception! Whenever she recommends something, I look it up immediately. I love her philosophy on life, love, skincare, everything. Wonderful questions, by the way! This is just the perfect interview.

    • ashley

      Hello Britanie! So wonderful to hear from you. I am happy that you enjoyed Lacy’s interview, she’s such an inspiring woman. She’s the real deal inside and out. Wishing you a beautiful evening and happy to connect with you. Love what you are sharing on your website! Lots of love, xoa

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