Interview x Kirsty Davey

Inspiring Women Kristy Davey by Ashley Neese3

Hello friends! I am thrilled to introduce you to Kirsty Davey, the owner and director of Otis & Otto, a carefully curated online shop based in Australia. Kristy’s sense of aesthetic flows through all areas of her life. From the time she spends cooking for her family to the beautiful hand crafted items she selects for her shop, Kirsty lives a life of intention and meaning that I so relate to.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Kirsty over the last year and a half and she is such a radiant light. There is this incredible sense of ease Kirsty brings to her life that is a clear reflection of her self care practices and her willingness to do the challenging work of learning how to be in the moment. Like many of us, Kristy grew up not taking great care of herself but learned over the years how important it was to ground her energy and listen to her body.

In our interview Kirsty shares her personal healing rituals, how she navigates motherhood, and some potent words of wisdom for entrepreneurs. I can’t wait for you to get to know her.

Inspiring Women Kirsty Davey by Ashley Neese

What does your self care practice look like these days?
I practice listening to my body & intuition, reminding myself to surrender, accept change & embrace every moment. Acupuncture, yoga, mother-nature & my family keep me grounded.

Have you ever struggled with self care in your life? How did you navigate that?
I was a precocious & adventurous 20 something. As an only child, I spent a lot of time hedged by adults & was fiercely independent. Whilst in school, I worked as a model & enjoyed the opportunities / freedom that working afforded me, but even as a teenager I intuitively hoped to cultivate a more down-to-earth, unpretentious way of life in the future.

Looking back, I didn’t really practice any self-care rituals beyond having fun & eating reasonably well. I definitely indulged…late nights, tobacco, alcohol & struggled to stay grounded. It wasn’t until I downshifted from the city to the coast & started listening to my body that I learned how to really nourish myself, value my instincts & gradually let go of old habits.

Inspiring Women Kirsty Davey by Ashley Neese

Inspiring Women Kirsty Davey by Ashley Neese

Inspiring Women Kirsty Davey by Ashley Neese

How do you practice forgiveness?
When I contemplate forgiveness, I think of my late friend Zakari & his unruly, wonderful, unrestricted zest for life. He reminded me that compassion & kindness know no boundaries.

Do you have a morning or evening ritual? If so, tell us about it.
I like to wake early & with the sun. While the kettle boils, I put on a record, light incense & stretch. I follow up with a tall glass of water, warm lemon water & a swig of locally crafted fire-tonic if I need a little extra zing. Breakfast depends on the season & can be elaborate! In the cooler months, I routinely opt for soaked oats (podge) with chia, stewed fruits, bee pollen. In Spring / Summer, I head straight to the garden for fresh greens / herbs to accompany smoothies & buckwheat berry bowls.

I make a concerted effort to get plenty of sleep so I try to turn in before 10pm. Following dinner, my husband usually treats us to chai with homemade nut milk & I rustle up some dark chocolate & fruits. Just before bed, I lather my skin in coconut oil or Egyptian Magic & think about food again – soaking nuts & grains in preparation for tomorrows treats.

Inspiring Women Kirsty Davey by Ashley Neese

When did you know you wanted to be a Mom?
When I fell pregnant with Mali, I was 26 & the timing felt right for me & us as a couple.

Share three of your favorite and most challenging aspects of Motherhood thus far.

  • Surrendering. Embracing the heart-expanding, limitless love that accompanies surrendering yourself to another person.
  • Storytelling. Watching Mali interpret creativity, culture, natural phenomena & well-being through our example.
  • Mindfulness. Being mindful of my choices, consciously taking better care of myself so I am better equipped to look after my tribe.

What insights would you like to give to new Mothers?
Surround yourself with supportive peers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help & listen to your instincts.

Inspiring Women Kirsty Davey by Ashley Neese

Inspiring Women Kirsty Davey by Ashley Neese

Name three plants that are inspiring you right now.

  • Coastal Wattle – Yellow haired maiden of the Surf Coast…guaranteed hay-fever happiness.
  • Lemon Thyme – Our friend Rob regularly spoils us with herbs, vegetables & fruits from his Riddles Creek garden…lemon thyme paired with raw honey & apple cider vinegar make the perfect afternoon tea tonic.
  • Palo Santo – Essential for calming minds & clearing spaces. I like to burn Palo Santo before taking a bath or to calm myself when I feel stressed.

How do you come home to yourself?
Spending time outdoors, collecting, foraging & beach combing…preparing & enjoying food with my loved ones…driving solo in my falcon, sans windows & listening to Neil Young.

Inspiring Women Kirsty Davey by Ashley Neese

Inspiring Women Kirsty Davey by Ashley Neese

Inspiring Women Kirsty Davey by Ashley Neese

Any words of wisdom for other women entrepreneurs?
Be proactive, reach out to people & be mindful of comparisons – don’t let social media fool you into believing that perfection exists…revel in the imperfections!

What are you most grateful for?
Family. Good Health. Sunshine. Plants. Music. Food. Water.


  • Helen Hayward

    I was lucky enough to meet Kirsty in a cafe in Hobart six months ago, and everything in this story rings true to that. Lovely site and heartfelt words. On!

    • ashley

      Amazing! Love that you got to meet her in person ;) So glad you enjoyed the interview. Have a beautiful week! xoa

  • Michelle Auer

    How blessed am I to call Beautiful Kirsty a friend and you Ashley, captured her brilliantly. Calming, Warming & Inspiring. Something everyone can aspire to. Lovely Interview x

    • ashley

      Hi Michelle! It is so lovely to have you here. Kirsty is such a sweet soul and I am thrilled you two are friends. Sending love and wishing you a beautiful New Year. xoa

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