Interview x Shiva Rose

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Shiva Rose you know what a generous and radiant spirit she is. We were introduced through our mutual friend Erica a couple of years ago and I have been inspired by Shiva ever since.  She has led a fascinating life from being raised by bohemian parents in the country side of Iran until the revolution to having a daughter in her early 20’s to navigating an auto immune condition.

Shiva pens a beautiful lifestyle journal focused on being more connected to nature, The Local Rose which I love reading. She also runs a holistic skin care line that is 100% toxic free, made in small batches, and infused with crystals and healing mantras. Shiva is a woman of many talents, full of depth and wisdom and I appreciate that she speaks so honestly and openly about her life in our interview.


You are such a creative and passionate woman who flows so naturally from creating holistic beauty serums, to supporting your daughters, to developing nourishing recipes, and to curating a stunning website. How do you carve out time for all of your passions?
Thank you for seeing me. It is such an honor to be seen for what we put out into the world ~ I do mange lots of passions, however I do feel when we love what we do it is a joy rather than work.

There are times when I do hit a wall of exhaustion and I become overwhelmed, and then I know I need to escape into the mountains of Ojai or the canyons behind my home. We cannot give out energy unless we are nourishing ourselves and that is a lot about my work. Showering women with the idea that as caregivers we need to fill our reservoirs. That comes from being quiet, from the natural world, from being turned on, from being in our pleasure, from seeking source energy, from whole, organic, alive foods, from beauty rituals, from being with kind-hearted sisters, and more.

Share the philosophy behind how take care of yourself.
I feel we used to be taken care of by our tribe. Here in America some of us don’t have the luxury of a family unit to lean on. For myself I have gotten my strength and love from
mother earth and father sky. I call upon those energies to fill me up on a daily basis. We can create simple rituals around our beauty regimes to add the spark of intention. With this
we can allow the energy to be received and to nourish us.

Have you ever struggled with self care? How did you navigate that?
I feel in our culture it is inherent that self care is somehow selfish in a way. I learned from having health issues which made me slow down and begin to practice self love. Self care is about that self love so it can be uncharted realms. I always had ‘bath time’ even as a young mama that was my refuge. Later when i added the rituals using my own products, I could see how recharged I felt and how it just made me a more attentive and loving mama.

What advice would you give someone taking their first steps towards holistic wellness.
I would say we are what we eat, think, and use on our bodies. When we make that click then it seems like an easy progression. Also to see ourselves as temples. We wouldn’t ever throw garbage around in a sacred space, well our bodies are those sacred temples.

Shiva Rose x Ashley Neese

Nature is an integral part of your life. Tell us how you came to create a home for bees in your backyard and what medicine they are sharing with you.
My mother had bees when I was a child in Iran. I remember how the taste of fresh honey changed everything and so it was a natural addition to my garden. I have learned about how to be in touch with our royal energy through the bees. Seeing how the Queen gets so much done and how she sits in her power has been a marvel. I was deeply saddened last year because they didn’t produce lots of honey due to the drought. I am now so excited to see them merrily buzzing around the flowers wet with dew .

Share three of your favorite and most challenging aspects of Motherhood thus far.
Trusting our inherent intuition even when the medical world denounces it.
Always coming from a place of love rather than fear.
Trusting that they (our children) sometimes know much more than us.

On tough days what keeps you motivated? How do get unstuck?
Raw chocolate.
Meditation with the source energy and my guides.
Kundalini yoga
Hiking in the canyons with my shepherd.
My daughters.
Produce from my garden.

Biggest insecurity and how you’re moving through it.
Interesting because at times I do feel a dark energy trying to zap our energies and radiance. I would say being confident in my own power, in our own power as a collective.

Shiva Rose x Ashley Neese

What are your holistic beauty musts.
My skin care line is a must for sure. My Blue Crystal Eye Cream helps de-puff my eyes in the morning. MSM powder to help my joints after hikes in the rain. Chaga tea. Fulvic acid for skin and hair. My Honey Nectar Mask for clearing my face. Having pleasure in all ways and savoring it. Whether through food, friends, lovers, animals, children, natural world.

How do you strengthen your intuition?
Kundalini for sure.
Being quiet in nature.
Listening to my body. It will usual give me a single in my gut or lower plexus. For positive and negative hits my body will know before my brain corresponds to the information.

Three books on your nightstand.
The Mists of Avalon (rereading it after twenty years and it’s still amazing).
Books on various Courtesans.

Who would you love to meet for tea?
Daniel Day Lewis.

Words to love by.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. -Rumi

Life is mystery. A Mystery so awesome that we insulate ourselves from the intensity. To numb our fear of the unknown we desensitize ourselves to the miracle of living. -Timothy Freke

What are you most grateful for?
The pain in my life since it carved out areas that now can be filled with so much joy.








  • Tova K

    Beautiful capture and interview of Lovely Shiva ❤️ sweetest soul I am lucky to know.

    • ashley

      Hi Tova,
      Thank you so much for being here! I feel exactly as you do, so lucky to know this incredible woman. Wishing you a fantastic week. x

  • Meg

    Adore Shiva and her lifestyle. Have been a fans for ages and find her blog to be such a brilliant resource. Her love light shines so bright, as does her gentle, kind nature. I won a give away years ago on her blog, and she dropped in the nicest note with the package. Just such a lovely being. I love that you are friends.

    • ashley

      Hi Meg!
      Oh I love hearing this story, it makes my day. She is such a light and I am glad to know that you connect with her too. I agree, her blog is full of insights and she is such a kind and nurturing woman. Thinking of you this evening and grateful you are here. x

  • Meg

    And Daniel Day Lewis, a woman after my own heart!

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