late summer slow down (& playlist)


I’ve been pretty tired the past week and have needed to step back from the blog a bit hence no recipe on Friday. It’s hard for me sometimes. There are so many exciting things I’ve been working on for the blog but these last two weeks I’ve been drained and I want to show up here with something useful. Blogging has always been a form of creative expression for me and a way to make connections. These days I have needed more time to connect with myself.

Unplugging a bit from the blog is scary for me. I hear all these stories that if I don’t post all the time people will stop reading the blog. When I am super honest with myself it’s all really okay with me. Everything changes. People come and go. Inspiration waxes and wanes. It is the nature of life to ebb and flow not to charge full speed ahead into the internet 24/7.

Slowing down, taking on less work, reading more books, meditating and just staring out the window has been so good for me. Life moves so fast these days and I don’t want to miss it because I’m worried about the blog or posting another photo on Instagram.

I want to feel the humidity on my face. I want to spend more time with Jason and the cat and myself. I want to visit my parents and friends and create more space for what feeds me.

Today I fed my spirit by making a non-yoga playlist. That is seriously no small feat for me these days! For the last year I’ve pretty much only made playlists for yoga classes. Lots of chanting and meditation music. I decided to step away from the yoga music today and create a summer playlist for fun. One day I might even share a yoga playlist here. Maybe.

If you want to listen you can on Spotify here.


Adanowsky // Dancing on the Radio
Grouplove // Ways To Go
Spoon // Do You
Yalls // Weave It
Gardens & Villa // Gypsy
Mr. Little Jeans //Oh Sailor feat. The Silverlake Conservatory of Music
Howls // No Man
Sébastien Tellier //  Divine
Summer Heat // I Wanna Go
Highs Highs // Bridge
Coldplay // Midnight
Houses // Soak It Up


Wishing you all a peaceful evening and wonderful week ahead. I’ll see you sometime soon this week. <3



  • erin @ yummy supper

    Ashley, your quotes are the best!! Always perfect medicine for me. I’m trying to slow down and breathe myself.
    I know what you mean… the 24/7 nature of things makes hard to pull away. But it’s so good to do it. I get a little scared sometimes too, but I always feel restored in the end.
    You’ve created such a special place here that you can take a break and we’ll all come back eager for more whenever you’re ready!
    I cannot wait to see you this weekend.

    • ashley

      It was so wonderful to see you over the weekend. I felt super inspired by our conversations and really excited to keep moving forward. It’s amazing how much you’ve grown since I started following Yummy Supper a few years back. So cool!
      Taking a week off blogging was really good for me. It’s amazing how much more energy and enthusiasm I have for it again. I’ve been reminded how important it is to just stop instead of powering through like I always did in the past. Of course there are times when you’re on a deadline or something and you have to just make it happen but there are other times when powering through is not the answer.
      I hope you are having a great week back home and I look forward to your trip out here soon – we still need to chat about that ;)

  • Maja

    Good for you for taking your time. Blogs arent going anywhere…
    I would LOVE to hear your Yoga playlist. I am teaching my first class next week and am deciding whether or not to have music at all, what kind etc…
    But Ill give the non yoga one a listen too :)

    Thanks for sharing

    • ashley

      Hi Maja!
      Always wonderful to hear from you. Blogs are not going anywhere – you are so right! Thank you for that reminder.
      Oh ok good, I will post it this weekend! I am thrilled you are teaching your first class next week! That is amazing.
      I will never forget the first public class I taught in a studio. It was life changing.

      My first year of teaching I taught mostly basics classes (which I adored) so I didn’t play music as I felt it was distracting. Now I’m teaching open level classes and play music that has more of a meditation feel. I always adjust the playlist to the feel of the class and what I’m teaching. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you! Wishing you a wonderful evening. xoa

  • lauren


    and i just bought all these songs! :)
    thank you for being you! wise, amazing!, fun, uplifting, wonderful, giving, beautiful!!!

    • ashley

      YES! New music is the best right?! I love that several of these songs have been on your Sunday night playlists ;)
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend from up north!

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