if it’s meant to be you can’t mess it up

I first heard the phrase, “If it’s meant to be you can’t mess it up,” years ago when I was dealing with a painful breakup. It resonated a little at the time and I have come back to it over and over in the following years. As of late, these words have started to become a working part of my life. Instead of being a phrase, they are now a practice and it’s awesome.

It’s one thing to read something or say something, it’s entirely different to live it. When I am truly in alignment with myself I am not operating from a place of fear. From a non fear-based reference point it makes perfect sense that I cannot mess up the divine order of things. It’s just not possible. However, when I come from a place of fear it is easy to believe that I can mess everything up.

Lately I have been putting this idea into practice in all areas of my life, especially around making new friends. While I don’t think full disclosure in the form of  verbally vomiting on people when you first meet them is a good strategy for starting new friendships, I do think showing your authentic self is key. How many relationships have we gotten into afraid, trying to prove we are different, hiding our quirks (usually the qualities others adore in us), being dishonest, all trying to save face and then end up months or years later feeling isolated, disconnected, resentful and lonely? I can’t speak for you but I have had my share of those relationships and have come to understand (through practice) that if I want healthy, real relationships I have to be willing to be myself. Period. There is no other way. Trust me. I’ve tried them all.

Recognizing that I cannot mess up friendships/relationships if they are meant to be allows me the permission to show others who I am (of course this does not give me permission to be a jerk!). And it’s really amazing when you think about it because if people don’t want to be friends with me when I am being myself then it’s much easier to let go and move on then it is when I am hiding out and pretending with people. Another cool thing is that I find that the more I am able to open up and share myself with others, the more that is reciprocated.

Are you willing to let go and trust in this practice? Are there areas in your life where you are holding back because you are afraid of messing things up? Are you scared that if you show your true self people will leave you? Take some time and seriously consider these questions. They might provide you with answers that will help you live in more alignment and freedom.



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