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PC170782Pink Tourmaline is an amazing stone that offers next level heart healing. I’ve kept this piece very close during the last six weeks as I move through big transitions in my relationship with Jason. It’s amazing how much support I’ve been offered during this period and this mineral is a big part of that.

I’ve often spoken of paying close attention to when specific minerals show up in your life. Rose quartz is one of my staple crystals for soothing the heart. Pink Tourmaline has a similar offering at a higher vibration. The most widely known Tourmaline is black and it’s often used to help one grow stronger and more independent. It holds many protection properties and helps to balance both hemispheres of the brain.

Pink Tourmaline attracts friendship, new love, and sends the powerful reminder that in order to truly love another you must love yourself first. White Quartz (or Snow Quartz) has a yin, feminine energy that is gentle and soothing. These two minerals combined make for supreme heart opening medicine that works deeply on the lower energy centers as well.

Pink Tourmaline is classified as a silicate and is most commonly found in Brazil and Spain. Pink Tourmaline varies in color from light pink to dark. The darker pieces are often referred to as Rubellites. Many stones are clear and have a gem like quality to them and are frequently used in jewelry.

The stone I work with is pictured, it’s a matrix of Pink Tourmaline in White Quartz. This quartz has all of the properties of the clear or ‘ice’ varieties to a more soothing degree. Pink Tourmaline is also the alternate birthstone for October and is high in lithium which is known to reduce stress and help bring more passion into your life.

Mineral Therapy // Pink Tourmaline by Ashley Neese

Pink Tourmaline is a heart based mineral that will help you magnetize love, joy, and peace in all areas of your life. It works very well in relationships specifically when calling in new love and mending emotional wounds. If you are in a stressful situation regarding your heart, Pink Tourmaline offers gentle support with just the right dose of humor. When you’re able to access your sense of humor you speed the healing process.

This mineral has a joyful vibration that encourages you to look at your life from all sides and promotes positive energy in your creative endeavors. The vibrations of Pink Tourmaline uplift the spirit and help you move beyond feelings of sadness or worry.

In addition to being an exceptional heart remedy, Pink Tourmaline reduces stress and eases anxiety. When going through periods of working through negative emotions in relationships, it promotes gentle self care and relieves the pain associated with those feelings. If you have a difficult time dealing with fear in intimate relationships Pink Tourmaline is a great support. It helps protect your heart from receiving negative energy and teaches you how gain confidence.

If you want to enhance your listening skills this mineral boosts sympathy. I highly recommend working with this Pink Tourmaline if you have a client-based practice. It holds the value of unconditional love and radiates calm energy in all directions.

Pink Tourmaline is a feminine or receptive stone that helps quiet the mind and draw your awareness inward. It works on the conscious and unconscious levels and helps merge the two for greater access to divine intelligence and wisdom.

Pink Tourmaline is also an excellent stone for children who are highly sensitive and intuitive.


I suggest working with this mineral as often as necessary.


Meditate with Pink Tourmaline to……..

  • Access psychic awareness
  • Keep your mind flexible
  • Help identify where changes need to be made in relationships
  • Maintain the health of the emotional body


Wear Pink Tourmaline to…………

  • Protect your heart
  • Keep anxiety at bay
  • Heal skin and heart related disorders
  • Encourage the exchange of loving energy


Gift Pink Tourmaline to……….

  • Someone you want to be in a loving relationship with
  • Your partner, to increase their aura of love


Keep Pink Tourmaline in your work space to…………

  • Promote sympathy and clear listening
  • Stimulate creative solutions
  • Release fear
  • Tune into deep happiness
  • Strengthen compassion

Have you worked with Pink Tourmaline before? Do you feel like it would support you? I’d love to know.


Pink Tourmaline from Energy Muse


  • hannah-phoebe

    Hi Ashley! Did you use crystals much in your recovery? As someone dealing with anorexia (i.e. an addiction) the idea that it could help me “release fear” is enticing (although I wonder whether I am just endlessly looking for something/one to “fix” and “free” me – something you’ve written eloquently about on instagram). From the sounds of your writing crystals are part of what you discovered after getting clean?
    Thank you for EVERYTHING you do, big time fan-girl xx

    • ashley

      Hi there! So great to hear from you, this is an excellent question. Crystals have been part of my recovery journey and have provided an extra level of energy support. Minerals are guides, they are there to support our path and remind us that we have everything we need within. When working with a particular mineral you begin to tap into what it has to teach you and how it can guide you. Check in with your motivation for wanting to work with them. Sit in silence and ask if you should develop a relationship to a specific mineral. The answer might come quickly or slowly but it will come if you ask.

      I am so glad to know you are on a healing path. I’ll create a specific post for healing addiction with minerals in the new year, this feels important. Thank you for the reminder. Wishing you a peaceful solstice. Lots of love. xoa

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  • Johanna

    Hello Ashley! May I ask where I can get his exact crystal and how much does this cost?

    • ashley

      Energy Muse is a great website for purchasing crystals!

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