Mineral Therapy // Pyrite

Mineral Therapy // Pyrite

Happy Monday friends! I am excited to share a new blog series with you today, Mineral Therapy.  I’ve been working behind the scenes on this series for a while and it seemed fitting to share it on Monday morning. Every few weeks Mineral Therapy will dive deep into the healing benefits of different minerals. You will learn their specific properties, how they can support you and ways that you can incorporate them into your everyday life.

Heads up, I will be discussing crystals in this series too. I know geologists are cringing now as there are different classifications for crystals, minerals and rocks – they are not the same! For the sake of ease I am calling this series Mineral Therapy but we will focus on minerals AND crystals. I feel like crystal therapy is so overused these days and it has associations that I am trying to steer away from. Yes we are going to get woo woo here but we’re going to stay grounded and accessible because that’s how I roll.


Before we jump into Pyrite (a mineral) I want to share a little backstory. I started collecting minerals in elementary school. Back then I referred to them as my rock collection. Every so often my Grandparents would take me to the Smithsonian Museum store and let me pick out my favorite rocks and take them home. I would spend hours holding them, studying them, drawing pictures of them in my sketchbooks. Many of these rocks came with me to school in my pockets and were some of my most treasured objects.

As a kid I wasn’t able to articulate their in-depth healing properties and write articles about how particular rocks were good for this or that chakra. Back then the way I worked with them was simply trusting my body. It was a deeply intuitive process. I could feel myself drawn to a particular mineral and I would carry that one around until I felt called to pick out a different one. Today my practice working with minerals hasn’t strayed much from what I have been doing since those first trips to the shop with my Grandparents. I pay attention to what I am called to work with and let my body guide me.

A few more thoughts before I start writing about Pyrite and they might be the most important bits information that I share. While there is loads of information on books and online about what minerals mean and how they can heal, it is most important to trust your own inner guide. Everything I share is from my personal experience using minerals in my life, with clients and from years of research. Ultimately you are your best healer and teacher.


Pyrite is a yellowish metallic mineral with a shiny outside that is found all over the world. It is the most common sulfide mineral and is created in small quantities in high and low temperatures. It is formed in many shapes including masses, stalactites, globes, cubes, and flat radial sun disks. Pyrite is often referred to as ‘Fool’s gold’ because amatuer miners often mistake it for gold. Interestingly, pyrite is often formed with gold. In those cases it is mined together.

Pyrite is a stone of fire and an Earth element. Its name comes from the Greek word ‘pyr’ which means ‘fire’. If you strike pyrite against another metal sparks will fly which can be used to create fire. Native American tribes were known to use Pyrite for bringing in good luck and polished the mineral to make divination mirrors.


Pyrite draws energy from the earth and is widely used for protection from negativity of all kinds, environmental, emotional, energetic and physical. It has the ability to create a energy shield around the holder making it a great choice when going through big transitions. The energy of pyrite is more masculine energy which supports women to stick up for and value themselves.

Pyrite has a super strong solar energy which supports the third chakra. This chakra, located in our solar plexus enhances our personal power and vitality. It is a grounding stone that can help us become more assertive in our lives where we need it the most. Because pyrite is so grounding you can use it to connect deeply to your root chakra as well though typically red stones will be of more benefit there.

This is an incredible mineral for assisting and purifying lungs. It can help with asthma and respiratory issues. Pyrite used directly on your third chakra stimulates circulation by increasing oxygen  supply and jumpstarts your circulatory system.

Pyrite is an excellent choice for times of stress, when you feel like you need extra support to stick to your self care. It helps to balance energy which is crucial if we are giving a lot and have a hard time giving to ourselves. If you have been feeling exhausted and overworked keep this mineral on hand for assistance.


Pyrite can be used effectively in a number of ways. Below are some my favorites. Experiment with a few different placements and see what resonates the most for you right now.


Place a piece on your navel for….

  • Easing fatigue and stress
  • Strengthening your third chakra
  • Tapping into your will power
  • Balancing your aura


Meditate with a piece for…

  • Boosting inspiration
  • Staying grounded
  • Releasing negative energy and thoughts


Carry a small piece in your pocket for…

  • Grounding your energy
  • Protection against pollution
  • To protect your energy field if you’re heading to into a heavy conversation or situation
  • For good luck on that next interview!
  • Support on days when you feel tired
  • When you want to hold your ground and stay steady
  • Anxiety relief


Place a piece on your desk for….

  • Good fortune in your career or creative endeavors
  • Putting new ideas into practice
  • Attracting abundance
  • Stimulating creative ideas


Place a chunk on your altar for…..

  • Manifesting dreams and bringing your visions to life
  • Peering into the future and sharpening your clairvoyant abilities



What is your favorite way to use this shiny mineral? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.






  • Van

    LOVE THIS! Pyrite is such a gem and good for so many things. I love your suggestions on how to use it, too. Thanks for sharing!

    • ashley

      Hey Van! Thank you so much for writing! I agree, it was one of the first minerals I was drawn to as a kid and have been getting to know it ever since. I really appreciate your kind words and always love reading your amazing blog. Wishing you a beautiful day! xoa

  • Anne

    Hi Ashley, thanks so much for this! I don’t “work” with minerals but have always been attracted to them in the way you were describing your early years.
    Would like to share though an experience that happened to me recently with a necklace (chain + pyrite) that I got purely for esthetic reasons. I wore it two days in a row before having to put it aside because I litteraly couldn’t take having it around my neck. It felt like having some sort of magnetic field around me or something. I’m even getting a physical reaction just writing about it (like a tingeling in my mouth). Anyway, not really the sort of thing I’m used to… However, I did keep it on my desk for a few months (so I could still see it!) and what I’ve been going through (big decisions and changes regarding work /creative projects & abundance), I have to say the corelation with what you were writing is spot on! Thank you

    • ashley

      Hello dear Anne,
      What a lovely treat to hear from you. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am so fascinated by your story. I have had similar experiences wearing different minerals, it’s pretty wild how much they radiate depending on how open and aware you are. I have known people who have had jewelry break when they were going through super stressful times because the mineral was taking on so much energy.

      I keep pyrite on my desk too, it’s really great for focus and manifesting. I am happy to learn that it supported you. Sometime certain minerals just don’t work for us, other times we need to switch up how we use them. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week and sending love your way. xoa

  • Corina

    Hi Ashley, this post came at the right time! Stones are my thing! I am collecting minerals and chrystals since my teenage days but haven’t used them over the last decade. And then, a few weeks ago, I was thinking, they need more attention. I almost forgot how beautiful they are to look at and how good they feel in my hand or pocket. I also started to collect stones from every beautiful city or place I have been to to keep this positive experience alive. So I am really looking forward to learn more about through your new series. :-) Corina

    • ashley

      Hello dear! Happy to learn you enjoyed this post. Looking forward to sharing the next one in the coming days! It’s clear you are naturally drawn to them and listening to your intuition to start working with them again is really important. You are right, they are very beautiful and grounding. Your collection sounds magical, what a wonderful way to hold the energy of those different cities and work with it in your life now. Just brilliant! Wishing you a peaceful week. xoa

  • Jiya

    I loved reading your post since last 7 years I am collecting these crystals. I have pyrite too I want to know does it require to wash or energise it regularly. Pls advice I use it for prosperity. Thanks

  • Mona Ramavat

    Hi Ashley. I really enjoyed reading your post. I cannot wait to keep a piece of pyrite on my desk. I am a writer and filmmaker, and looking forward to taking my creative endeavours to the next level. I had ordered a beautiful pyrite a few months ago. It, however, broke during transit. As upset as I was to see the broken pieces, somehow, reading your post makes me feel a lot better. Perhaps I was meant to use all of its pieces for different purposes!

    Love and regards,
    Mona, India

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