mini vacay day 1 : spa, green foods, trip to the beach

It’s almost bed time over here but I wanted to be sure and post today as yesterday I was too tired! After thinking about how much I need a real vacation (not a yoga workshop, meditation intensive or detox clinic but a RELAXING vacation) to rest and recharge, yesterday I committed to doing at least one vacation-like thing for myself each day for the rest of this month. My schedule is such that an extended vacation won’t likely happen until late August/September and it is clear that I cannot wait that long to start incorporating more relaxation into my daily routine.

Yesterday was the first day of my mini-vacay experiments and I took the day off in order to set the foundation for the rest of the month. Since I am posting for yesterday I am one day behind. Tomorrow morning I’ll post for today and tomorrow night I’ll post for tomorrow in order to get caught up ;)

One thing that always relaxes me is a trip to this Korean spa near my house. After my morning routine I made a protein packed green smoothie and headed to the spa. For nearly two hours I went from the showers to steam room to cold pool to sauna and repeated that process until I took my final shower and napped in the lounge area. Every time I leave a spa like that I feel incredibly relaxed and well. It is great for the immune system and I could tell right away was making me feel better.

Upon returning home I spent an hour chopping vegetables and making a coconut Thai curry for lunch. It is getting to the point now where I enjoy eating out less and less. The social aspect is the best part, so often the food is mediocre and doesn’t make me feel good. I get such a pleasure out of cooking and it feels very nourishing to my body plus it tastes amazing. The warm curry hit the spot and supported the low-key energy I had after the spa.

For the next part of my mini-vacay I hung out with an old friend and went to the beach by his house. Oh and on the way I got this giant 32oz green juice with lots of ginger – yum! We had a nice time. We played a little, I am blanking on the name, it’s kind of like frisbee but it is thin with a hole in it….I don’t remember, anyway it was fun. It felt good to be out in the sun and it wasn’t too hot.

When I got home I was so relaxed and tired that I went to bed after reading less than a chapter in a yoga book I am really into right now. I slept pretty well last night too which was a nice change. So there you have it!  A pretty epic self-care, de-stress, eat healthy foods day.

Ok, it’s definitely bed time now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



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