mini vacay day 2 : baking & napping

I’m back this quiet Saturday morning to give a recap of my mini vacay from yesterday! I had some work to do but I made sure to set aside some time to relax and play. My main two activities were baking and napping. I haven’t baked anything like this in ages, probably since last year when I made a friend cookies for her birthday, now that I think about it that was more than a year ago. When I moved to Portland I really got into baking. Something about the cold and rain that made staying home baking a real comfort to me.

I have a great deal of nice memories baking with both of my grandmothers. It is definitely part of my past and history and I find when I bake I connect with myself in an interesting way. It is much more methodical than cooking is for me. Baking requires measuring and ratios which force me to use a different side of my brain. When I cook I just throw ingredients together and voila, yumminess, and when it’s not yummy I take note and make it differently the next time. When I bake I pull out the measuring cups/spoons/scale and get to work. I find it much more challenging than cooking. Very different processes.

The order that baking requires helps clam my mind and really brings me into the moment. I think that I why I enjoy it, that and all the lovely smells that fill the house. I pretty much stopped baking a couple of years ago when I decided to become vegan/gluten free and 85% of the time refined sugar free. I cut out all bread-y products, crackers, pasta, muffins, etc. Since I wasn’t eating that stuff I didn’t need to make it anymore. It was great to give my body a break from that. Lately I have been drawn to creating healthy versions of my old favorite bread stuffs and with the amazing blueberry season we are in right now, blueberry muffins were first on my list.

After creating a new recipe and baking the muffins the F and I took a long nap. I love napping. For reals. It is the best. The whether has been awesome in LA, overcast and cool (a nice break from the in-your-face-intense sun and heat), perfect nap whether. I got a good hour in, the F was out for close to three. That cat can nap! He is actually semi-napping on my desk right now as I type this. Napping with the F is such a great way to relax and recharge. I am going to be sure to do that again soon. Maybe tomorrow ….. ;)

Ok, that is it for now. I’ll be back this evening with my mini-vacay report. So far I am really into this. It is helping me slow down and take good care of myself. Relaxing and resting MUST BE part of my routine, I am beginning to see how true that is.



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