mini vacay day 3 : stroll, farmers market, & a random dodgers game

First off let me apologize for not writing last night. I had every intention of doing so. By the time I got home I went right to bed, I was out later than usual ;) Yesterday’s mini vacay activities were not so different from what I typically do on a Saturday (well, all but one), however I approached them with more mindfulness and slowed speed which created a shift for me – read: I had no stress.

After my morning meditation and breakfast I took a long stroll through my neighborhood, stopping to notice all the weird plants and appreciate the cooler air. There is much color over here. Flowers are bright and in the most beautiful shades of orange and purple. My iPhone camera could not capture the hues very well :(. I must say I LOVE taking pictures of palm trees. I know they aren’t native to LA but they feel so LA to me and I get all happy when I see them, it’s like they are this symbol that I have arrived.

The farmers market was great. I saw my avocado guy and picked up some gorgeous squash that I am looking forward to stuffing this week oh and lots of Thai basil for spring rolls. It is definitely spring roll season! Getting to know the farmers and the workers in the market is fun, really makes me feel like I am part of a community. When I got home I made a delicious lunch from the goods I got at the market. Cooking with such fresh ingredients is a dream come true!

Later in the day I went to a breathing/asana workshop at my studio with a teacher I enjoy very much. I learned new breathing techniques and felt incredibly relaxed afterwards. I look forward to practicing some of them today. After the workshop I met up with old friends for dinner and met a couple of new people too. We had a great time. It is comforting to spend time with folks you have known for years.

We were all headed to the observatory last night but parking turned out to be crazy so we went our separate ways. A friend was driving me back to my car, we got lost and ended up at a Dodgers game. It was pretty amazing. Neither of us had been to a baseball game since we were kids. We walked in the the 5th inning and stayed almost to the end. I still don’t know if the Dodgers won, I guess I should check!

Normally I am home by 9:30 in the evening and in bed by 10-10:30 which was my plan last night too. I am glad I went out and let myself go along with my friends. I tend to spend a great deal of time alone and am super focused on school, career, and health.  Part of my mini vacay needs to include allowing some old fashioned fun into my life. Nothing says that more than a random baseball game, I didn’t even get home until 11pm! OMG! Hahahaha!

Yesterday taught me a lot. I learned that it is possible to bring more quietness and grounding energy into regular activities like a trip to the farmers market and I recognized that I need to let loose of my rigid schedule at times and go with the flow. These are important lessons for me.

Ok, I really will try and write tonight. We’ll see what happens ;) Hope you all are well, rested, and happy.



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