mini vacay days 11 & 12 : cooking, resting, reaching out

Hi hi! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I cannot believe it is Monday night! How did that happen already? I just sent out the last of my work emails and am feeling good about how things are going in that area here in LA. Opportunities continue to present themselves to me and I am grateful that I am open and receptive to them. My friend and I were talking last night about all the amazing opportunities we had in our early 20s that we just blew off. These days I make a point of following up with people and keeping in touch and it definitely has its rewards.

I cooked so much this weekend! It was awesome. The more time I spend in the kitchen the more this place feels like home, even if I still don’t really have any furniture ;) Curtains are next for sure…maybe I’ll just get a cool rug….so many possibilities. It’s light out later and later in the evening now and I’ve been walking a lot at night. I am getting to know my neighbors and love watching the sunsets through the apartment buildings and palm trees. My neighborhood has so much character.

This morning I helped a friend move then went out to Santa Monica to see my naturopath. I’ve been having trouble sleeping which isn’t really like me. I have had some sleep issues in the past but they were easily corrected with meditation, breathing exercises, shutting off the computer at 10pm, baths, those types of activities. Now it doesn’t seem to matter what  do, sleep is a bit of an issue. I am going to try a new round of amino acids and breathing exercises tonight and tomorrow it’s back to acupuncture. I found a sliding scale clinic in my area so fingers crossed I like the acupuncturists! It was comforting to see my nautropath today, it’s frustrating when I feel like I am doing everything right and something isn’t working as it should. She thinks I am still under a lot of stress from the move and getting settled here. She said I am doing all the right things, i.e. taking really good care of myself, talking to people, etc but sometimes people need a little extra help. And again I am humbled – it’s all out of my control.

I received an amazing email fro my brother yesterday. He is in a special program in Italy right now and is doing very well, networking, meeting people, taking rad photos. I am so so happy he is getting to have this experience. He has definitely earned it. God. Italy in the summer. Europe in the summer! It’s hard to think of anything more romantic. I have to get back there next year! I miss it dearly. First things first. My LA summer just got started and I am actually starting to enjoy it.

This week I am going to continue to relax and practice as much self-care as possible. I have appointments with my healers, plans to hit the yoga studio and of course study and work in the kitchen. A new granola recipe is in the works and omg, the carrot muffins are insane. Srsly. I need to give them another run through but on the first try they were edible and tasty! I’m always so impressed when I am bake something halfway decent that won’t shatter glass  ;)

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead and see you back here tomorrow.

Lots of love.



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