my new favorite way to start the morning

Enjoying all of the local organic citrus in the mornings! Starting the day with a grapefruit helps to stabilize blood sugar by improving insulin sensitivity, stimulates the liver (great for cleansing), and I find it helps with hunger regulation. I find if I eat a grapefruit first thing in the morning (after several glasses of water and a cup of herbal tea) I can easily make it to lunch without needing to eat in between. I know people that eat them in the evening as a snack. They report having improved blood sugar regulation as well.

A few days ago I was walking around the neighborhood and noticed many citrus trees. I came across a grapefruit tree in the front yard of an apartment building and one of the tenants happened to be sitting on the stoop a I walked up.  I asked him about the fuit tree in his yard and he told me nobody in the building ate them and I could come by and take as many as I want whenever. Then he picked six off the tree and handed them to me! It was so cool! I’ve never seen citrus trees up close and personal like that and to know that I can eat super local grapefruit (literally around the corner from my apartment) is awesome!

I want to go back and share all the benefits of eating this amazing fruit with the guy in the hopes that maybe he will eat some too but I know better ;) Anyway, lots of grapefruit eating this season and it’s saving me lots of money as grapefruit is not cheap. I’ll post more detailed information about grapefruit this weekend. Stay tuned and try some in the morning if you feel up to it.



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