new apartment!

I am writing this post from my new apartment in Los Angeles! Phew! I cannot believe this is happening. This is my life. I live in LA now, for real. Woah. Oh and my building totally looks like Melrose Place sans pool. This year is clearly going to rule. I’m typing this on the floor because I have no chair, oh these are the days I will look back on and be like, yeah, I was super adventurous!

So yesterday was all moving and errands with one of my best friends. We have done many moves, or rather, he has helped me move more times than I can count and it was a huge relief having him here yesterday. We know each other so well it makes it easy. Moving is super stressful and being around such a close friend took a lot of the stress out of it. I was feeling weird yesterday about this place, like, ugh, did I make the right choice? Should I have taken the other vacant apartment across the courtyard? Can I really afford this right now? Waking up with the sun on my face and preparing my first meal in the amazing kitchen sealed the deal. This is my new home.

Falcore seems to be adjusting ok too. He had a rough day yesterday and I gave him some kitty xanax (only at the recommendation of my vet whom I totally trust) and he got some rest last night. At the moment he is stretched out on the living room floor snoozing. Oh to be a cat. They really do have such sweet lives!

Yesterday my friend reminded me that this is the first time I am living alone in nearly five years. I could not believe it but he was right. I lived by myself for years before I started having roommates and now I am back. It’s a bit strange but I know I’ll adjust quickly. I have wanted my own space for a long while now and it feels good to start the settling in process. In some ways it is like my time in LA starts now.

I had the sweetest yoga class this morning and my teacher took note how far I have come since January. I am grateful to have a teacher that pays such close attention to his students and brings the yoga principals and teachings into his entire life, not just while he is in the studio. I went to the studio 4 times this week which was so good for me. I am building my community one step at a time.

Today’s big self-care activity was to spend some quality time with Falcore. I realized how much my stress from the past two weeks had taken a toll on him and over the next few days I plan to spend lots of time at home hanging out with him. This is such a good reminder to pay attention to and spend time with our pets. Sometimes it can be easy to brush them off especially when the F spends a lot of time outside chasing other cats and hunting birds. This move has brought to light again just how much he means to me and that he needs some quality time after all this movement. It will be good for both of us.

Ok. I am going to read and take a little nap with the F in the afternoon sun. I am very much looking forward to creating new recipes in my kitchen and posting them soon. It is such a luxury to have a beautiful kitchen to create meals in. I am grateful.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



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