New Moon Reflections (Capricorn)

New Moon Reflections by Ashley Neese

Planting the seeds one by one,

feeling my feet on the cool earth,

digging my toes in just a little bit more, soil getting under the nails.


I pause and let my breath go,

every exhale a cloud of grief that never belonged to me,

I’ve been carrying it for her since I was born.


I couldn’t move to that coastal town,

I knew I needed to stay here,

to deepen my roots,

trusting that home is in my heart as much as I wanted home to be with you.


I am here,

planting seeds,

feeling the first waves of pure joy I’ve felt in years.

With every seed,

an intention for this next cycle and the most humbling prayer of all to just stay rooted,

even when I want to run,

even when it feels like the grief will never leave me,

even when it feels like I cannot possibly take one more step,

I reach down to the earth and release another tiny seed.


Dearest Mother earth,

Please help me stay rooted.

I cannot do this alone.


A hawk circles overhead,

a prophet of dreams actualized,

the planting matters.

You cannot grow anything without a seed of intention,

you must plant and you must plant with a fearless heart.

What you plant on this day,

in this earth,

has the potential to bloom well into the future,

so I ask you,

to please,

plant with your heart wide open.


I press my feet into the soil a little more,

energy flows up though my legs,

I hear a voice,

I’ve got you,

you never have to do anything alone,

I am here, holding you, loving you, creating with you.


Deep down I trust my seeds are held and will germinate as the days pass,

one day reaching out of the ground,

transformed into something so much brighter than I can even imagine.


So get out there,

release the resistance with every exhale,

commit to letting go of what isn’t yours to carry,

touch the earth and plant your seeds.


And above all stay open to the magic that arises from darkness.


All my heart.



Image by Lani Trock



  • Meg

    So power-filled, Love. This is beautiful and heavy stuff. Thank you as always for sharing and being…

    and being and being and being.

    of my heart,
    Meg x

    • ashley

      Hey my dear, thank you for much for being here. I love connecting with you and just knowing you’re out in the world, sharing, opening, helping people. You’re such a bright light. Blessings, endless blessings to you.

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