New Moon Reflections (Leo)

New Moon Thoughts by Ashley Neese

Are you feeling the creative energy of this new moon today? I’ve been feeling it so strongly these last few days. New Moons are always a time of deep reflection and turning inward. I have a ritual of writing, meditating and calling in intentions for the greater good. Setting intentions is such a powerful practice and I’ve found that when I set an intention to be of service to as many people as possible, those dreams manifest quickly.

Up until a few days ago I felt scattered with projects and trying to do too many things at once. This is a bit of a cycle for me that I tend it get into from time to time. It is something I have been actively paying attention to and slowly shifting for years. Old patterns die hard right?! My desire to do a million creative things is one of them and I am always learning new aspects of myself as I keep shedding more and more of the need to produce.

It’s a fine line as a woman to pull back her creative energies as we are the ultimate creators. What I am discovering is that it is really all about narrowing my focus. When I focus on a couple of projects my creative forces flow even stronger than when I spread myself too thin. It has been such a deep journey this year coming back to my intention to go slow. This is also year of the sheep (goat, ram) in the Chinese zodiac which represents beauty, calm energy, quiet living and softness. There has been a huge pull for me to slow down on many levels.

Getting down to the real deal of it all I’ve kept myself busy in the past to prove my worth to myself and others, to avoid feelings of inadequacy and to keep intimacy at bay. When I really unpack the over achiever spirit in me that’s ultimately what it comes down to. And it’s not all negative, in fact none of it is negative. I’m done labeling myself or any quality I have as positive or negative. I’m moving towards learning to accept all of myself and stay as neutral as possible (so days are WAY easier than others) about what comes up for me during my internal work.

New Moon energy invites us to dive into ourselves a little deeper to discover more of who we are, our desires, and provides us with space to settle into each moment with grace. I love that my cycle starts around this time every month. This physical release is a further reminder of our need to restore, draw our energy inward and take some time to reflect on how the last few weeks have been going and any areas that we want to shift moving forward. It’s a very natural time to let go and the beginning of a cycle is perfect for that. It’s also an ideal time to make wishes, to renew all aspects of yourself and to call in what we want to create in the coming months.

This New Moon in Leo has been full of fiery creativity. I’ve been called to heal some old wounds in very radical ways. There has been a great deal of heart healing in a very short amount of time. I am learning how to live with my darker parts and not let them define who I am anymore. Transformation at the root is taking place and it has been extremely unnerving and explosive this week. Moving through those old, deep-seated emotions stoked a creative fire in me that had me late into the night journaling until my hand was sore, meditating with a wide open heart and recognizing on a soul level that I truly have everything I need within to manifest my biggest visions.

Today I am standing in my light with renewed heart and purpose, ready embrace what lessons come my way with humility and gratitude. I know at a cellular level I was made for these times and am here to carry a message with my life in all ways.

Sending you all countless new moon blessings.

May you have the courage to embrace your darkness as much as your light.

May you live from your heart and raise the spirits of everyone that you meet.

May you remember that your life has meaning and that you have all of the strength within to follow your true path.

How are you working with the energy of this bold new moon? What are you releasing and what are you calling in? I would love to know.


image via Marielle Chua


  • Corina

    Oh this new moon is … evil. I really don’t know what is going on with me these days which is very confusing. Yesterday, still on vacation (and enjoying it a lot), I cried. Out of the sudden and for hours. I am still not sure why, if it was a goodbye or welcome crying, but I am confident that time will bring the answer. ;-) Same goes with the weird panic feeling I had this morning…. I’ll see. I also remember myself having such “creative flashs” and ideas popping up like every second. I like it and I hate it – mostly because I know I only have one life and need to take care of myself. I guess having these moments is natural to an HSP. I sometimes try to sort them out boy choosing the ones that “make the most sense”, but at the end I’d rather follow the crazy, funny, nonsense ones. I guess I am a complicated person. ;-) Well, I am looking forward to read about your ideas! Have fun creating! :-) Corina

    • ashley

      Hi there Corina, thanks for sharing what you are going through. I understand feeling frustrated having so many ideas and not being able to finish them all in this lifetime. You are right, it’s most important to take of yourself and trust that you will bring forward and create what you need to while you are here. Thinking of you and sending light through these changing times. xoa

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