New Moon Reflections (Libra)

New Moon Thoughts by Ashley Neese

Another new moon,

another welcomed invitation to slow down and reflect.

Gazing inward at the dark emptiness is where I choose to dwell today.

To look deeply without fear,

without reservation,

leaning into the wicked energies still clinging to my insides.

Breath after breath I chisel away at them,

like a sculptor making marvelous beauty from an unrefined piece of Mother earth.

Like the seeds planted in our new garden,

I too,

need time to explore the dark soil,

because I know that all life begins in this unlit place.

Real beauty comes from this murky, shadowy space and today I create room to venture into these depths because it is what I am called to do.

This new moon is quiet in her demands,

gentle in her cry,

yet I cannot ignore her call to explore the underbelly.

The awful places that we don’t speak about because they are riddled with shame and those energies need to keep us silent in order to thrive.

Today I dive right into this chaotic underworld only to discover it is where I feel incredibly alive,

the rush of emotion,

the river of tears,

the flood of memories,

and really,

as messy as it sounds, it’s strangely soothing to experience all of these repressed emotions in a safe place.

And it’s really not that messy after all.

I still have a few big hurts left to untangle and for the first time in my life I feel it is possible to heal these wounds.

I want to more than anything.

I am hungry for this potent medicine.

I am ready to mend my heart and unleash my soul.

Like a wild woman,

dancing in her garden on top of freshly planted seeds,

I call my wishes out to this new moon full of hope,

barefaced outrageous desires,

because when you have touched the most wretched and violent parts of life,

and survived,

you know deep down that all magnificence germinates in darkness.

I can’t think of one person in this moment who wants their shame exposed more than I do.

And if you do, please take my hand and let’s jump in together.

All my heart.




Photo by Lani Trock


  • Jennifer

    Such a powerful words, its a gift that you have , to be able to express those feelings that are deep inside and sometimes its just not possible to put them in words, and its amazing, i feel totally related with every word; thank you so much for sharing , you just express with a poem all the feelings in this new moon, and i really appreciate it all the best :)

    • ashley

      Hey Jennifer! So lovely to read your comment. Thank you for the kind words. Self expression is key in our healing and I am grateful for our supportive community, a place to share what’s going on inside. Wishing you a beautiful evening and am thrilled you are here. xoa

  • Keri

    You’re such a wordsmith. I really enjoyed this, keep it up Ashley!

  • Cat

    I am so moved by your words. It is often so hard for us to express feelings from our heart over thoughts from our mind.
    Thank you for being willing to share these so bravely with us, you heal the collective with your words. Blessings.

    • ashley

      Hi Cat, thanks so much for being here. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, means the world to me. I am grateful
      that we truly are in this together. Lots of love. xo

  • Sally

    I am crying. Let’s jump!

  • Alex

    This reflection is really moving and speaks to me. Thank you for writing it <3. xo

    • ashley

      Thank you for being here Alex. I am grateful this spoke to you. Sending love and wishing you a wonderful week. xoa

  • Corina

    This is so beautiful and powerful, Ashley! Thank you!

  • Beth

    You’re making me want to start a personal blog to share things like this. Thanks for the inspiration, wolf moon sister.

    • ashley

      Hey Beth! Thanks so much for writing. Blogging is amazing you should totally start one!! Thinking of you and sending love. Happy Thanksgiving sister. xoa

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