new year, new life, here we go!

Santa Monica Blvd.


Coconut smoothie and Thai salad at Planet Raw, Santa Monica, California


Hi! Happy New Year! I wanted to write yesterday but it was such a full day with driving and unpacking, and a trip to IKEA. Yeah – way to start the year, right?! Well, believe it or not I am actually feeling kind of settled. Getting the majority of my room organized yesterday helped so much. It was the LAST thing I wanted to do after spending 1.5 days in the car driving down from Fort Bragg. Luckily I had one of my best friends with me and he helped me get my room in order. I cannot express how grateful I am for all of his support these last few days. Moving is terribly difficult for me and having such a close friend there to show me perspective and help motivate me to get things done was such a blessing. I doubt I would feel this settled had he not been with me.

So, I am living in Los Angeles now, it’s been just over 24 hours and I think I love it. My friend had an extra room in her apartment in Silver Lake and I took it for a few months to check out the city and have a nice place to transition. The previous tenant left an amazing vegetable and herb garden that I am going to have my way with next week. Very much looking forward to that. There is a bunch of sorrel out there, chard growing in nicely, tons of flat leaf parsley, basil, dino kale. ┬áIt needs some work but it’s work I will be happy to do. It’s such a dream to garden in January! It was 70 degrees and gorgeous today. So unreal to me.

After my friend left this morning I drove out to Santa Monica to eat at one of the famous raw/vegan restaurants, Planet Raw. The food was incredible (see photos above). It was very quiet inside with only a few other customers. I started with the deliciously thick and not to sweet coconut smoothie and followed that with the Thai salad. It was definitely on the gourmet side, pretty much everything at Planet Raw is gourmet. I wanted to treat myself to a nice meal, seemed like a great way to start the new year. I ate very slowly and enjoyed all of it. The salad had a lot of fresh mint which was refreshing. I forgot how much I like mint in salads and will be using it more now. I am excited to live in a city with lots of options for high quality raw vegan food! There are few cities (well, here and NYC are the only two I can think of) that have this many options. The bonus of being in California is year round access to the best produce in the country. Such a dream.

After my meal I drove back home, took my time looking around. All of the mid century architecture and signage is somehow comforting to me. It also makes me wish I had money to buy things like Eames furniture ;) Baby steps right? Maybe I’ll start with a chair and work my way up. Anyway, the rest of the day I spent unpacking my boxes of kitchen things. 1/2 of my boxes from this move were kitchen related. I love it!

Ok. Time to start winding down for bed. It’s been such a long three days and I need some serious rest. I might start taking naps again in the afternoons after I get my errands completed this week. I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. Here’s to another year of self-care, living dreams, speaking our truth, lots of vegetables, being of service, and radiating light.



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