It’s A New Year And I Have Nothing Left To Prove


It feels really bold to make that statement on the first day of a New Year. And believe me it’s not coming from a place of feeling sorry for myself or sadness. This is what I’m called to write this afternoon and it feels incredibly brave and liberating.

This last year was unbelievable in every way possible and one of my biggest takeaways from all the personal growth and expansion was that I’m done proving myself to the world. I’m fully ready to step into my ability to create, connect, and be of service in a greater capacity to my community. I am ready to acknowledge that  I am someone who empowers and inspires the people around me to take good care of themselves. I am a guide, a healer, a light, and a leader.

My biggest struggles in 2014 were self imposed. Looking back I see clearly how in many areas of my life I fought against the gifts I was given because I didn’t feel worthy of them. I’ve spent the majority of my life feeling like I have to earn the right just to breathe the same air we all breathe.

And I’m done.

I am finally ready to shed that old part of myself that I know deep down doesn’t belong and say yes to believing that I deserve to be here just as much as anyone else. I honestly feel I have exhausted my willingness to continue feeling unworthy – how awesome is that?!

One of my strongest intentions for this New Year is to move forward with as much ease and grace as possible. That is a very tall order but I am up for the challenge! Recognizing the self imposed struggles from this past year has been really liberating. I am capable of change. I’ve proven that in my life hundreds of times and I will countless times again. I want to end the battle with myself and recognize that I am enough.

It all starts today.

This is major. Like really major and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared but the truth is courage cannot exist without fear.

And we have choices. We can live in fear or live in courage. They are two sides of the same coin. Today I chose to accept my personal gifts and all the good that is coming my way. Today I choose to recognize that just by living with intention I am worthy of everything.

It’s a New Year and I have nothing left to prove.

Saying this out loud to the ocean this morning felt really powerful. Calling in all my loved ones and the energy of Mother Nature helped me feel supported and like this is really possible.

I am moving forward with ease and grace.

I am dropping the reins to fully embrace everything that is supporting my journey.

I am worthy of everything.


How are you moving forward in this New Year? What are you ready to let go of and what are you ready to step into?  I would love to know.

Wishing you all more blessings than you ever dreamed possible in 2015.



  • Marie

    After a swim in the ocean this morning I am ready to willingly move forward with ease, love, joy and leave behind feelings I moved through in the past year. Let them go. Less preoccupation with accomplishing what I feel I ought to. Moving towards what is inside me already.

    • ashley

      I love that you swam in the ocean this morning Marie. What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year. Moving towards what is already within – that resonated very clearly with me. What a beautiful reminder, thank you for that. Lots of love. xoa

  • Corina

    What a great statement, Ashley, can I borrow it? ;-) Well, for this year I want to change my communication style with people by setting the focus onto the positive things that happenend. Until now I used to asked what’s new and if their problems got solved. That always left me feeling like I am some kind of their therapist and very exhausted from all the negative energy and I figured out that it’s been a long time I’ve just had fun (e.g. playing games or just laughing a lot about stupid things and stuff like that) with my friends or family. So from now on I am going to ask people about the positive things that happened lately and then I am going to tell mine too (that’s the other thing, many of them come, tell and leave). I am really looking forward to this shift of perspective and hope it will help both them and myself as much as it helped them before or even more. So I wanna create a space for friends and family where they can feel better by all the good vibes that we will create together. (That comes in hand with the courage of saying No, but that’s another story.) ;-) Have a wonderful first weekend of the year! :-)

    • ashley

      Yes of course you can borrow it Cornia! I love that you want to focus on changing your communication style and take better care of your energy. Those are wonderful things to move towards this year. Having fun is such an important piece for our health and wellness. I can see how this goes hand in hand with having the courage to say ‘no’ and I totally relate to that! I’m excited for these shifts in your life and look forward to learning how they unfold. Here’s to you creating that healing space for yourself, your family and friends. Such a powerful intention for 2015! xoa

  • Tracy

    This is such an inspiring and powerful thing to read. I relate to finally feeling exhausted by efforts to direct people’s impression of me and suppressing, or sublimating, those things about myself that I was taught to be afraid of.

    It’s strange and sad to think that so many of us are encouraged to hide the very best parts of ourselves, and SO exiting to unravel and do away with all that…it’s the best expression of “keeping it simple” that I’ve yet come across.

    I’ll think of you this year as I solidify this newfound skill – it emboldens me to think of others who are learning to be free!

    • ashley

      Hi Tracy, Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing and being part of this conversation. I agree with you that it is sad how many of us were and are encouraged to to hide the best parts of ourselves. And it IS super thrilling when we shed beliefs that are not ours and learn to step into our true nature. I am a huge fan of the phrase ‘keep it simple’, thank you for the reminder! I am grateful you spoke up here and I’ll be thinking of you this year as well. It’s so grounding to know of other people that are walking along similar lines. Lots of love. xoa

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