read, relax, renew


Good evening. Hope all is well and that you had a nice holiday weekend. I am happy to report that I haven’t left the house to day other than to water my plants out back. I needed a full day of resting and relaxing that that is exactly what I have done. I woke up early to have a chat with one of my spiritual teachers. We talked a lot about observation and my work of transforming my observations during my yoga practice and teaching. It was a very meaningful conversation that has stayed with me.

After our talk I got back in bed and read for a while and then fell back asleep – AMAZING! Nothing like a mid-morning nap to make me feel like a princess. Loved it! A bit later I worked on my own practice, sequenced a class for tomorrow morning, ate lunch, had an inspiring work-related call with a fellow small business owner, talked to a client and then took another nap. Ridiculous I know but so needed. Two naps in a day, now that is some serious self-care.

I went to a restorative yoga class last night and was reminded on a deep level just how much I need to relax in my own life. Doing what I love (i.e. blogging, coaching, teaching) and loving what I do is a total blessing. Each day I am super grateful for the life I have continued to show up for. I spend hours and hours working on all sorts of aspects of my business and it’s amazing. I continually have to remind myself that relaxing and resting is all part of the deal too. I know from experience that I cannot do my job well and be as useful as I want to be if I don’t put my self-care first.

I am glad I deliberately had a slow day (so slow in fact I am wearing the same clothes I slept in last night!). Sometimes it’s not always comfortable to slow down as it can bring up feelings like I am being lazy or not doing enough or that I should be working. Part of my job is to notice what comes up and work through it in order to get to a place where I am 1000% okay with taking 2 naps in a day. I am almost there ;)

Wishing you all a lovely evening and see you back here soon.


PS-this is what my cat does when I practice yoga postures at home, he loves to get on the mat with me. About a minute after I took this photo he started to give himself a bath. Apparently my practice bored him. LOL.


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