really going for it

Hi hi! I have missed posting this past week. I am officially all caught up in finishing the eBook and getting ready for the new site launch that I have had no time to do anything else. I can’t believe how many hours I have logged in the last few days in front of my tired MacBook. So grateful it is still running, I know it’s about to die any day now. Hoping if I buy a new battery I can get another year out of it – probably wishful thinking ;)

I emailed off my homework to my life coach this morning and have been giving a lot of thought to my theme for this year. Given that we are halfway through the month I thought it would be a great time to check in with how things have been going thus far. As some of you know I take intention setting seriously, I post about it often. This year I did something a little different. I went beyond setting the intentions and wrote out practical ways to make things happen – I came up with an action plan. Intentions are great but if we don’t follow them up with actual work they will not materialize and we’ll be those people that mean well and have good ideas but never really manage to get anything off of the ground.

It’s amazing to me that only 2 weeks into the new year I can cross off three things on my goal list! It felt incredible to do that today – therein lies the magic of really going for it. My theme for this year in addition to loving harder is to go for it all – to live the biggest life I can. Of course I won’t achieve all of my dreams this year and that isn’t the point. The theme I am working with is about putting myself out there so much in every area of my life that I live inline with what I want and not shy away from what I am afraid of. Really going for it this year has made me less scared and I have reached a new level of comfort with myself that is truly awesome.

Not to be dark but the reality is we don’t know how long we are here. It doesn’t have to be as extreme as living each day like it is our last but it does need to be taken seriously. If we want to grow beyond our current states and open up to our true nature and limitless potential we have to be willing to get messy and vulnerable, we have to be willing to put or egos to the side and remember that sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Really going for it takes a great amount of effort on our part but it is always worth it. I would much rather live in a way where I challenge and push myself to grow and try new things than regret later on not doing so. We have to take charge and go for what we want and when it doesn’t work out pick ourselves back up and try again. Nobody has it easy in this life despite what we might think so get over all of your comparing yourself to others and start living your life. Be bold. Take risks. Get honest. Open your heart to someone. Start that project you have always wanted to work on. Travel to that city you have been dreaming of for years. What are you waiting for?

As we move through the week I encourage you to write out a list of actions that correspond to your intentions for the year. This plan can serve as a guide and help you achieve what you set out to accomplish. Revisit your intentions and action plan every month and check in with how you are doing. Make adjustments and know that changes will occur and that is part of the process. The end result might not look how you anticipate and that is the fun and magic of it all. Know that you have everything you need in this moment to live out your destiny.



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