release and invite

For the past week I have written down the major road blocks I currently live with that keep me from where I want to be in my life. Thankfully I am in a place where my list was a mere two pages and most of what I wrote I was ready to completely release today during a clearing ritual I did somewhere along the PCH in Malibu. Rough day right!?! I know. Sometimes I take a step back from my life and I’m like really, this is how I chose to spend my morning, who do I think I am?! In this moment I can say that I am truly blessed, truly.

Over the years I have created a ritual of hitting the beach for a couple hours of solitude announcing to the ocean and my highest self that I am willing and ready to change. I started this ritual while living in Portland and it has brought me great comfort and peace. Taking the time to evaluate what gets in the way of what I deeply desire helps to create fertile ground on which powerful intentions can be set in motion.

During my clearing ritual this morning I released ties to toxic people, beliefs that keep my world small, resentments and behaviors that stand between me and my dreams. After each release I invited in the actions or qualities I will need to practice in order to take responsibility for my part. It is one thing to let go it is another to let go and then set the intention to transform. Without the invitation and intention setting it is not possible to put into motion the changes I want to occur. This aspect of the ritual was even more evident today than it has been in the past. I see on a new level that if nothing changes, nothing changes. Yes the universe conspires for our greatest good, I believe that in my heart of hearts, but we have to show up and do our part and today mine was releasing and inviting.

Taking the time to drive out to the beach and get fully in the mindset of the ritual is very important to me. Sure I could have read my lists and stated my intentions in my apartment but going that extra mile (or 30! hahaha!) made it much more special. It also helps me connect with the world and see how incredible and awe-inspiring it is. The ocean has always been mesmerizing to me and I feel safe and a part of this planet when I practice my rituals there.

I realize this might all sound a little new-agy woo-woo to some of you and that is ok. I have accepted this part of myself this year and am not looking back. I am the woman that goes to the beach and talks to herself, tears up paper and meditates for a long time. Never thought I’d be this way but I am grateful that each time I release what no longer works in my life I get closer and closer to inviting in the person I have always been.

I hope you all have a beautiful week and I will see you back here very soon.



  • MG

    this is a wonderful idea – thank you!

  • Meg

    Still one of my faves, Ashley! Thank you for you.


    • ashley

      Hi! So happy to read your comment today. It’s giving me the nudge I need to start writing here again. Thank you Meg. xoa

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