Root Chakra Healing Tea

Root Chakra Healing Tea

I am happy to share a peek of what I’ve been working on these last weeks! I’ve been crafting herbal teas and remedies for myself and clients these last years and am going to start sharing more of them with you! I love working with herbs because they have so many fascinating properties and because it is empowering to learn to support myself and others at this level. I’ve been fortunate to have studied with some incredible herbal masters this year and am especially grateful to my amazing partner Jason and all his years of experience in Chinese medicine to draw from.

Earlier this year I shared a simple and effective cough remedy that has been helping many of my friends this season! By now you have all seen (and you really should try this one!) my wellness shot that will make you break sweat almost as much as a ginger detox bath. Whole food is my first love and will always be my foundation. Expect to see more remedies in my Medicine Cabinet in the coming year as well as a new series I am working on….more on that in the coming weeks! Trust me you will love it.


On to this new herbal tea recipe!

A little over a month ago I was asked by a new friend, Caroline to collaborate with her on a recipe for Glowing Collective. The theme was root chakra and I immediately wanted to create a simple and effective tea. It’s funny how life always gives you exactly what you need, when you need it.

I’ve been working specifically with my lower chakras since the summer and it has been such an eye opening experience. Moving into a new phase of my relationship with Jason, business, and personal life has given me a chance to dig deeper and pay attention to all of of the ways I am still unsettled at my base.

The first chakra, or root chakra is all about collective energy. This chakra is associated with our birth and how we relate to our communities. In the first years of our life we are imprinted by the way we are raised in our own tribes. We learn to have a sense that the world is safe or unsafe. From this energetic center we develop beliefs and/or coping mechanisms for living in community and for some of us eventually away from our birth family.

When we are off balance in our root chakra the rest of our energy centers are off balance as well. We all have some chakras that are developed more than others, this is part of how we get through the world. Given my early life I know that my root chakra needs more attention and I am grateful to be at a place where I am willing to do that work.


I’ve moved around a great deal in my life time. I’ve lived in many cities, countries, and have been fortunate to travel as much as I have. Part of what kept me moving was curiosity and a need to be in new environments. Another part of what kept me moving was not feeling grounded in my life. It felt safer to keep moving than stay still. When I moved to Los Angeles I committed to living in the same apartment for at least 2 years in order to give myself the space and time to heal how I’ve needed to heal.

In order to balance my emotional and mental health on a foundational level I’ve got to connect to my root chakra and work with it. For me it’s all about grounding in and moving through healing with my family with as much self care and grace as possible. A new teacher recently told me that the most spiritual work most of us will do in our lifetime is with our families. It was refreshing to hear that and I fully agree.

One practice that has been really helpful to center and ground myself is to create rituals like drinking lemon water in the morning and going to the same yoga classes every week. Mother Nature plays a huge role in keeping me centered as well. I connect to her support by watering my plants, cooking a beautiful meal, and spending time outside exploring all of her wonders.

When I was asked to create a recipe for the root chakra I took it as another way to support myself through this healing work. This recipe focuses on earthy, grounding herbs to supports root chakra healing. This special blend of herbs encourages balance and stability in the body. It’s a wonderful tea when you need extra comfort. To deepen the effects, drink in silence or out in nature. Get the full recipe here.

Are you working with your root chakra? How do you work with your family and stay grounded? I would love to hear.

Lots of love.



  • Christine // my natural kitchen

    Ashley, I’m so happy to have come across your site and have been enjoying your posts so much. Your explanation of the root chakra as a foundation for the way we relate to and understand our world reminds me of the early years assessment team I was a part of during my studies – as part of my team’s assessment of a child experiencing relational or mental health issues, questions to parents would involve pregnancy, mother’s health, the early childhood environment including the emotional environment. So much of this, in turn, would be related to how the child experiences and relates to her world. I can’t help but see the connection between this and the root chakra and find it incredibly fascinating. I also agree with your teacher’s insight about the most spiritual work many of us do is with our families – so very true.
    I’m excited to source some red clover and elderberries so that I can make this tea. It seems like something we can all benefit from! xo

    • ashley

      Hi Christine,
      It’s wonderful to hear from you and I am glad this post resonated with you. The connections you are making between this take on our first energy center and your team’s assessment are right on target. This is an area I have a great deal of experience with in my work as well and it’s just amazing how much of our life is shaped in those early years in terms of how we relate to our families and our communities. Thankfully spiritual work and even working with energy is non-linear but when this particular chakra is off balance it’s incredible how ungrounded we become. Also thankfully even just a baby step towards healing this part of our energy can make dramatic shifts in all areas of our life. I have yet to meet someone that doesn’t need a little healing in this area and it’s such a great reminder of the potential we all carry.

      I am thrilled to connect with you about this as it’s affirming to have these conversations with like minded women!

      Enjoy the tea and have a beautiful week!


  • cristina rose

    this is so beautiful. thank you for posting. winter has definitely made me crave the warmer drinks

    • ashley

      Hello Christina, it is lovely to hear from you. I can totally relate, this is definitely the season to make a cup of warm tea. Wishing you a beautiful week. xoa

  • Corina

    What a beautiful post, Ashley! Well, my life always has been very chaotic and busy, so over the past two years I started to create daily, weekly and yearly routines. Plus I started to simplify my life a lot (still working on that) and decided what is really important to me and what is worth to live for. The most interesting change was how I spend my Sundays. I always hated Sundays because of its what I felt depressing silence. So therefore I did work on Sundays for about 20 years! But then I gave it a try and created “my” Sunday that now begins with a short walk in early morning hours or when the weather is bad with breakfast and a movie in bed. It’s followed by some wellness time including smoothies and a great meal prepared by my love, a long afternoon walk’n’talk with a coffee shop stop, some time for reading or drawing and ends with a partner yoga session (actually something I am looking forward to the whole week cause we always have so much fun since we are so so rusty!). Yeap, I think I am slowly getting grounded. ;-) (And of course living with pets helps a lot!) Have a wonderful day! Corina

    • ashley

      Thank you dear Corina! I always love hear from from you. I love how you created a self care routine for Sundays, what a powerful practice and ritual to help you stay grounded. I can relate to that feeling of depressing silence on quiet days. I felt like very much in the beginning and now I so enjoy the silence as I gather you do too. Isn’t it amazing how much we change? I also appreciate what you wrote about the process of simplifying your life and living with pets. Spending time with animals is such a wonderful way to connect to the present moment. Wishing you a wonderful winter solstice weekend! xoa

  • Merja Katriina

    As a vata living in a city rather than surrounded by nature I tend to be even more easily ungrounded and end up spending way much time in my head instead of my body, so I really have to pay attention to incorporate grounding things to my life as much as possible. Of course, two international moves within the last four years have left me feel very uprooted to the point that I have to start rediscovering what ‘home’ really means to me and how I can feel safe again. I have always hesitated to make the place to feel like home, especially getting any bigger furniture, because the nagging thought ‘when do we have to move again’ keeps coming up creating conflict with my desire to create a ‘safe nest’. Creating structure and rituals definitely helps, one thing that I found really helpful for the root chakra was african drumming that I tried last year. I always felt so peaceful and grounded after the class. I look forward sourcing the herbs and trying the tea! xx

    • ashley

      Hi Merja! So wonderful to hear from you. I can totally relate to moving often and not wanting to buy bigger pieces of furniture! When I moved to Los Angeles I went for 5 months without a couch and making the decision to buy one was huge! I hadn’t purchased a couch by myself ever and it felt like a symbol of my willingness to stay in one place for a while. I love your suggestion for African drumming. I am going to look into something like that for the new year, sounds like it would be a great addition to my life! I really appreciate (and always have) your honesty and words. I’m grateful we connected and look forward to what 2015 has in store for you! Lots of love, xoa

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