self-care during the holidays

Hello there! Please forgive my recent absence, it’s been a very busy last five days and I am just now in the place where I am focused enough to write and actually have the time! Everything caught up with me this morning when I woke up with a very hoarse throat and ear ache. As many of you know a lot has gone down in the last six weeks and I have been stressed. Up until last week I was doing a great job of practicing my morning routines and then I got so busy I had no energy to do anything in the mornings before work. It’s been nice having a few days off to clean the house and recommit to my self-care.

Turns out indulging in the wheat and sugar that I have been indulging in (mostly in the form of homemade cookies at parties) sent my already stressed and tired body over the edge. I’ve known for a few years I am very sensitive to wheat and sugar which is why I’ve stayed away from them for the better part of 2.5 years. It’s amazing how much my body has changed during that time. I am even more sensitive now! It’s a blessing and a curse ;) After a visit with my Naturopath this morning it was clear I cannot indulge any longer as those foods wreck havoc on my immune system which is already doing it’s best to keep up with all the stress in my life right now.

I have known for some time that I am over worked and exhausted and am grateful my body is giving me very clear signals that I need to stop what I am doing and return to my self-care routines – I put them in place for a reason – they keep me healthy, mind, body and spirit. The thing is my body has been giving me much subtler clues for weeks and I have tried my best to change what I could but it wasn’t enough. I need days off and am glad I have some. In addition to taking immune supportive herbs I have been directed to rest for the next week and that is what I intend to do with the exception of going to the movies a couple of times ;)

At first I was bummed when I woke up not feeling 100% but as the day went on I started to appreciate it. There is something very nice about having to move slower and take naps. My brain is much quieter and things feel easy. I am glad I have to spend the last week of 2012 in slow motion. I know it will be so good for me on multiple levels. I’ll spend a great deal of time meditating, praying, eating clean food, hanging out with the F, watching movies, reading, practicing yoga and setting my intentions¬†for the new year. All of that sounds amazing to me right now! This is definitely the time to go inside and take a long look at what I want for myself in 2013.

Oh and to take things a step further I decided to spend the reminder of the year off of Facebook. I went off this morning and couldn’t be happier about that decision. It will be waiting for me in the new year and it will be nice to have a week to refocus on my blog and connect with friends over the phone instead of Facebook.

What are you doing to take care of yourself during the holidays? How are you taking time to go within and get clear for 2013? Are you willing to incorporate more stillness into your life right now? Let me know what you are up to and how you are getting through the holidays.

Much love to you all and more soon.



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