smiling project recap

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone is having fun and staying safe. I am not anticipating any trick-or-treater types to my apartment tonight but by the looks of it my neighbors are. Will be interesting to see if anyone shows up! I’ll probably be over at the yoga studio anyway so…

It is the end of the month and time to give you a recap on the Smiling Project I started on the first. Over all it was successful. I had three main goals : 1) smile more 2) feel better about my smile 3) make people feel good. ┬áCheck, check and check – well I suppose the last one could be debated but I did get many comments on my atitude and energy this month that were all very positive. It really is amazing what smiling can accomplish. Something so simple, free and easy yet many people have such a difficult time with it.

In the beginning I planned to take a photo of myself everyday – this I did not do! I would just forget for many days in a row. The photo was just a fun way to document myself and I realized during the month that it wasn’t crucial to the project. I got a few good photos here and there and that is enough for me. How many images does a person need of their smiling face anyway? I think 10 is plenty ;)

During the month it became clear to me that it is possible to change my perspective just by smiling. For the most part I am a positive happy person with days of frustration and sadness mixed in. On the days I was having a hard time remembering to smile, especially to another person made a difference. Connecting with others through sweet facial expressions is powerful. Ever had a passing stranger flash a smile your way? It feels incredible. It feels just a good to give that to others and I got a lot of practice with that this month.

As far as feeling better about my smile I do! Honestly I wasn’t sure it was possible but making this effort to bring awareness to smiling shifted the way I look at myself. I am feeling more of the light that I bring to the world and it has been somewhat emotional. It’s easy to put yourself down and replay negative things people have told you about yourself, I have a great deal of experience in that area. Becoming willing to let go of those beliefs and stories in favor of stepping into who I truly am is freeing and scary. Today I don’t want to be afraid of my light and power. I will continue to share my smile with myself and the world.




Left : happiness is a tired chef :) After 8 hours of cooking.

Right : (top) happiness is driving home from a 6 mile hike in the sun. (bottom) happiness is waking up with a cuddly kitty.


  • blake nelson

    what a cool idea.

  • Drus

    nice one!
    I’ve been ‘looking into people’s eyes’, lately. I recommend that, too.

  • Drus

    when we were teaching Clementine (my 3 year old niece) how to smile in photos, and just ended up saying ‘show your teeth.’ so there are all these photos of us smiling with a fierce 3 year-old.

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