Spring Break

Slow Down

Hello loves! Jason and I are leaving this afternoon for a much needed vacation to Kaua’i! We’re staying on an organic farm up in the North Shore and words cannot express how excited I am for this much needed break from everything.

Last night I was busy setting vacation notices on emails and the shop, packing, getting the cat sitter situated, running last minute errands. In the middle of it I had to pause and take some long, deep breaths reminding myself to calm down. It’s amazing how simple tasks can get away from me sometimes, allowing myself to get caught up in the frenzy rather than take it slow. In that moment I was so grateful for my breath work and meditation practice. My body just knew what to do, it was like, hey, too much stress, let’s breathe this out for a few minutes!

Jason and I have been planning this vacation for months. It’s our first real vacation just the two of us, no family. With everything that we have been going through in couples counseling I am looking forward to having lots of time to just hang with him. Not having the energy pulls of work and city life will be a blessing even though I am imagining it will take me 24 hours to decompress and adjust my frequency to that of this incredible island.

Everyone says time moves slowly in Kaua’i and that is super appealing to me! I feel like my life has been moving so quickly this year and I am looking forward to just hanging out in nature and watching the clouds move across the sky.

I’m committed to not blogging or doing any work while on this trip. Aside from the occasional Instagram post because come on, it’s KAUA’I and it’s epic, I’m going to be totally offline. An intewebz detox if you will. And wow do I need it! Sometimes I feel like my iphone/computer might as well be attached to me and that’s not how I want to continue to live!  The only times I have gone offline in the past were on meditation retreats. In some ways Kaua’i feels like a retreat and I am up for just tuning into nature and allowing myself plenty of space to breathe.

Alright, that is all from me today. Initially I wanted to have queued up blog posts to fire off while I am away but after consideration I realized that was an energy tie that I didn’t want to have during the vacation. I’ll see you all back here on the 27th and if you’re anxious to see photos hop over to Instagram and I’ll post a few.

Love you all so much.



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