spring clean your head and heart


We are coming towards the end of Spring Cleaning month and it has been a wonderful journey this far. No spring cleaning would be complete without taking inventory of our heads and hearts. In order to live with an open heart we must clear out what is blocking us from the love and experiences we deeply desire. If we are too caught up in the past or living with a constant stream of negative thoughts it is possible we do not have enough room for what we want in our lives. I encourage you to seriously consider what your life might look like if you were willing to let go and jump into this experience with a clear mind and a full heart. To help you get started I have created the following steps.

Take an hour to go through this exercise, this is very powerful so get ready.

  1. Write down a list of the resentments you have been carrying and do your best to see your part.
  2. Write down a list of what you are afraid of and do your best to see what underlies those fears. Look for the truth.
  3. Write down a list of the top five negative things you tell yourself. Take each of those words or sentences and write down a positive affirmation to counter them. Spend a few moments reading the positive words out loud. Pick one of the affirmations and write it down on a place where you will see it daily. Every time you see it say it out loud.

When you are finished, burn the pages as a symbol that you are willing to move on and open up. Now take some deep breaths as do something nice for yourself, this type of work is a big deal.




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