spring cleaning: the closet of shame


Yes. It is officially that time of year and this spring I will be posting a spring cleaning activity each Tuesday. This is the first installment: project closet of shame. It’s true. Even self-proclaimed organized folks like myself have some place in their living quarters (preferably with a door) where stuff just goes when it doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else in the house. My closet of shame is pretty ridiculous, so much so that when I open the door at least two things fall out and almost always hit me on the head. It is super embarrassing to admit this but there you have it.

I have posted the before photos and will post the after shots this weekend once my closet is cleaned out. Ugh. It’s going to be such a chore which is why I’ve been avoiding it of course ;) As much as I dread this job I know it will make me feel better. I firmly believe that cleaning out my closet will create more space in my life, not just physically because I won’t have as much crap, but mentally and emotionally as well. Each area of our lives that we intentionally set out to clean up effects everything else and that is one thought that is definitely keeping up my spirits ;)

Now that you have seen my wretched closet  it is your turn to take action and clean out your version of the closet of shame. Maybe you have a crazy messy drawer in your kitchen that needs some attention or perhaps it’s an unruly pile of papers stuffed in a filing cabinet that has to be dealt with. Whatever it is, make a commitment to clean it out this weekend and keep me posted on the process.

Happy Spring Cleaning and see you back here next Tuesday for the next project.



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