Standing at a crossroads

Our forests are burning. Our administration is failing us. Southeastern Texas is underwater. And the list goes on.

We are all standing at a crossroads right now. We are being asked individually and collectively to rise in ways that call into question our beliefs, values, and the agreements we have made with ourselves and each other to uphold them.

The places to hide our shadows are dwindling and the most effective way to rise above the collective unconsciousness is through our own hearts. This means showing up, taking responsibility for what’s ours and being willing to speak up for ourselves and our communities with real vulnerability.

We are all standing at a crossroads right now. We are being asked to leave behind the younger aspects of ourselves that only interfere with where are heading today. We are being asked to slow down, cultivate solitude and rest so that we may serve our highest good with clarity, compassion and courage.

We are in the middle of upgrading outdated programming. While it might feel more comfortable initially to slip into antiquated ways of operating in the world, over time that chips away at the strong foundation we have worked tirelessly to create. We start to become stagnant and we have difficulty accessing creative solutions.

We are in the middle of a massive integration. The only way through is by connecting to our bodies, remembering that we have everything we need to move into this more advanced phase of our lives.

We are all standing at a crossroads right now. It is time to choose which path to take. The path that is easy and familiar or the one that is unknown, unstable and often inconvenient. If it feels challenging and shaky that’s because it is. We are in the process of birthing a new way of being and while it has elements of our biographies, it is mostly unwritten territory that we will write individually and collectively as we open our eyes to this new world.

The universe is constantly in a state of expansion which is our true nature as well. This is why it feels so uncomfortable to be in the crossroads and not moving forward. Choose alignment. Choose expansion. Choose risk. Choose yourself.

And we must choose wisely. We must follow the deeper call. We know this call by the power it has to activate our system, the hint of apprehension we feel in our bellies and the way we are received by the people who surround us.

Devoted your time to living by example, in ways that are unpopular, inherently messy, and on the fringes of society. This is where you will find your treasure. This is where you will, at long last, answer the deepest call.

All my heart.



  • Amy

    Thank you for this. As with so many of your posts, these words really resonated with me. And yes, we would all love audio files! Keep up the amazing work. Sending you lots of love.

    • ashley

      Hi Amy! Please forgive my slow response, it’s been a whirlwind week, weeeee! Thank you for taking the time to share and connect, you keep me going. Big hugs to you and buckets of gratitude. x

  • Julia

    Ashley, I think the idea of audio files is a really awesome one! I remember your voice so well from our one session together and how it immediately made me feel calm and relaxed. Dooooo it! ;)

    • ashley

      Julia! Hello my dear! What a treat to hear from you. Thank you for the affirmation and encouragement, it means a great deal to me. I’m taking some time to feel into it all and this audio piece keeps coming up, so I’m going to have to try it out! Thinking of you and sending love your way. x

  • jazmin

    Very precise and beautiful thank you

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