Sunday Night Sweetness

Sunday Night Sweetness x Ashley Neese

Sunday night inspiration for the guest house Nic and I plan to create this year.

It feels very grounding to build a future with someone who I love so deeply. This is the first time I’ve been in a relationship where I can see how much potential we have to grow and expand together versus apart. In many of my other relationships I felt, often early on that we were meant to be together for a short time.

It wasn’t until last spring that I experienced what I’ve heard friends talk about for ages, this feeling that you’re meant to be with someone for a long time and that your connection is so much bigger than the two of you. I didn’t even believe I’d meet someone for sure who was such an epic match on all of the levels I desired. But I had this intuition that it was possible and decided to stay open to that and not settle for anyone who wasn’t a unicorn.

It was in a moment of being completely comfortable, happy, and connected to my deepest knowing that Nic and I finally met. Sometimes he asks me, how are you this sure about us? My response is always the same, I’ve been looking for you and for us for years. I am grateful this evening for every single one of my past partnerships that brought me to Nic who in turn brings me closer to myself.

This is such a wild and beautiful life and this just the beginning for us.

Sweet dreams loves.


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  • Rod Lange

    Ashley, you are loved! Thank you for sharing everything you’ve put here. I know where it comes from, and am very appreciative of you sharing this part of your life with the world. You are worthy of love and deserving of it. God loves you! Thank you again for sharing. Rod

    • ashley

      Hi Rod,
      Thanks so much for being here and for taking the time to write. It is wonderful to connect and I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful words. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

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